I’ve been on Twitter for about seven months now and have come to appreciate the value of it for communicating concise bits of truth, sharing pics and posting links to meaningful places on the Web. One of the drawbacks with Twitter, however, is that it is rather “stream-of-consciousness” in nature. What gets posted there appears for a little while but then quickly gets carried downstream, and before long, disappears out of sight. Yes, you can “favorite” ones that are especially meaningful, and reload previous days or weeks, but I would guess that we rarely actually go back and revisit them.

So instead of saying fair-thee-well to all of those tweets as they float off down the river into obscurity, I decided to go back and select those from these past months that I’d like to “beach” for a while, so that those who follow this blog may have a chance to (re-)read them, think on them and even have a chance to share their thoughts and comments… with no 140-character limitations.

I have, therefore, created a new section on this blog called “RTs”, short for “retweets”, where I’ve posted a selection of original tweets and arranged them into categories, so they can be considered together according to themes. (I will continue to add new tweets and categories to these pages as I go along.)

One of my main purposes in posting these tweets is that I would really love to see them become conversation starters. Although they are concise in nature, much like proverbs, there is much that can be unpacked from them which can provide a source of edifying sharing and dialogue. I encourage you, therefore, to take even one that particularly resonates with you, and share some of your thoughts. That would be a blessing!

To introduce this new section, I’ve selected a few samples from each category, and provided the links to the full pages for you to navigate to if you wish. I hope you enjoy!

RTs – Menu page


Christ is all-sufficient. He needs no supplements, and has no substitutes.

Like spokes of a wheel, the closer they get to the hub the closer they get to each other. Unity only comes when Christ is our shared center.

If a picture is worth a thousand words… then what is Incarnation worth??

Christ is an exceedingly better Christian than I am. Because He is in me, I can stop striving and let Him be the “Christian” in me. Gal.2:20

The Cross

Jesus went to the cross and died that we might fully live in Him. Now, we must go the cross and die that He may fully live in us.

The cross not only needs to kill our thinking too much of ourselves, it also needs to kill our thinking too little of who CHRIST is in us.

The Church

The church is not defined by a What, or a Where, or a When, or a Why, or even a How; the church is simply defined by a Who.

Even as “revelation” is needed to know Christ, the “Rock”, so “revelation” is needed to know that which is to be built on that Rock.

The early church is not the Pattern for the Church but rather a model of the church being fashioned according to the Pattern, Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit

Wind dies in a box.

How do you discern between the Holy Spirit in worship and the “corporate spirit”? The first kills the flesh, the second enlivens it.


Old covenant worship consisted in holy times, places, offices and laws. New covenant worship transcends the shadow and is in spirit & truth.

Worship in spirit and in truth has little to do with the crafted externals of man, but in inward reality expressed intimately to God.


All truth, centered and summed up in Christ, is found in perfect “dynamic balance” in Him. Nothing over-emphasized; nothing undervalued.

Revelation is something that “ruins” you. Once you see, you can’t go back.


We “like” what we RECEIVE something of value from. We “love” what we GIVE something of value to.

The mystery of male and female derives its meaning from that which pre-dates Gen. 1 & 2, and post-dates Rev. 21 & 22; “…a great mystery.”


The Grave could not contain Him, how much less our man-made boxes.

Being the church 24/7 has been supplanted by “Going to church” 1.5/1 …and we call this normal!


The Kingdom of God operates by the power of love; the kingdoms of this world, by the love of power.

Depth and breadth often vie. We must contend for both.

* * *

So here are the full pages. I hope that you will navigate to them, enjoy, comment if you wish, and occasionally check back:

Christ, The Cross, The Church, The Holy Spirit, Worship, Truth, Relationship, Religion, Other

Love and blessings in Him,


About David Bolton

Following Him who is the Way; Learning of Him who is the Truth; Living in Him who is the Life. - John 14:6
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2 Responses to “RTs”

  1. Lloyd Bowden says:

    “Revelation is something that ruins you; once you see, you can’t go back.” I love that David! When first saved, some 34 years ago, I recall having a thought along this line. I thought, ‘Why God, now that I know the truth, can’t I look away and come back to it in the eleventh hour.’ Youth!


    • david bolton says:

      Yes, I can relate, Lloyd. I also had similar thoughts when I was first saved, some 34 years ago as well. I remember how everything in my flesh wanted me to close my eyes and not be accountable to the light. I knew that I would be the utmost of a fool, though, if I turned away from what I knew to be true. I remember praying something to the affect of, “Lord I want to follow you but I’m really not ready to give up these things that I love… but Lord, I AM willing to have YOU make me willing!” God in His grace answered that prayer and in a fairly short time, seemingly effortlessly and almost imperceptibly, God did a work in my heart and the old desires fell away. I’m sure that you can relate as well. knowing a bit of your story!

      There have also been other watersheds like that, since, when God opened my eyes more fully to His will and calling and it seemed impossible. In His grace, though, He worked in, and in spite of, my weaknesses and somehow made a way.

      So, we continue to go from faith to faith, from grace to grace, and from glory to glory!

      I appreciate your commenting on this “RT”. I’m glad it spoke to your heart and brought back a memory of those early days, so long ago!

      Blessings, brother.


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