I wanted to share this update from mission:soccer with those who follow this blog. Many of you have been a great encouragement to Evan over these past six months. I think you will be encouraged by this six month report!



   Today, January 26, marks the 6 month anniversary for mission:soccer. This may seem like a small milestone; however, for me this is huge. Let me walk you through the progression that has occurred over the past six months:

The vision for mission:soccer was born during a time of personal hardship and pain for me. At the beginning of the summer I was dealing with the aftermath of a serious relationship coming to an end. All I had been working and moving towards was cut off, and God completely closed the door that I had been walking through. At the time I thought everything was falling apart, that my life was crumbling and that I had to start over. It was a period of hurt, exhaustion and confusion, yet in the midst of it I experienced God’s overwhelming faithfulness. It was a grace that is unexplainable, and I came out…

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Following Him who is the Way; Learning of Him who is the Truth; Living in Him who is the Life. - John 14:6
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  1. Lloyd Bowden says:

    Shout-out to Evan, in the name of The Lord! God is accomplishing great things through your efforts…keep it up! I owe you a soccer ball; I committed to this early on and have not, thus far, followed through. How do I donate the soccer ball I owe? Check in your mailbox, debit card on your site? Tell me how please.
    May God Continue to Bless you as you Bless others.
    mr. B


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