Joints of Supply

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“Joints of Supply”

As I compose this post, I am very conscious of the matter of “joints”.  I am sitting here awkwardly pecking away on my keyboard with a cast on my hand from recent surgery.  The middle joint of my right thumb had to be pinned and fused together due to a severe dislocation which caused cartilage and tendon damage.  I will no longer have use of that joint. My hand will never be quite the same from here on out.

Paul spoke of the great significance of “joints” in Ephesians 4:16 when he said,

“…from whom (Christ) the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.” (NKJV)

According to this verse, “joints” play an immensely significant role in the practical unity, functionality and subsequent growth of the Body of Christ.

So, what are these “joints” that join and knit the Body together by what they supply?  There may be various understandings and interpretations of what Paul was referring to.  I’d like to share with you what I have come to know as “joints of supply” in my own life from being in the Body for a good many years.  Maybe this will resonate with you as well.

There are many types and levels of relationship in the Body of Christ.  As in the natural body, there is a common unity, mutual belonging to, and all-around serving of one another among all of the differing parts, but not all the members are functionally joined together in the arrangement of the body.  The hand belongs to and serves the hip, for instance, but it is not functionally joined to the hip in the body.  The hand, however, is joined to the wrist in a unique relationship for the life and specific functioning of the hand.  That type of unique relationship is what I believe are the “joints” of which Paul is speaking.  A joint is the place where two parts of the body are “knit” together specifically for the unity, life and diversified functioning of the body.  It is by what every one of these joints “supplies” that the entire body is “joined and knit together”.  These unique relationships, then, are what I consider to be “joints of supply.”

So how do we recognize “joints of supply”, especially among our own relationships in the Body?

Drawing from the body analogy, and also from personal experience, I believe “joints of supply” are marked by three primary characteristics.

Sovereignly Knit Together

Where there is a “joint of supply” in the Body, there is a close-knittedness of two members.  The Greek word translated “knit” in Ephesians 4:16 is, sumbibazo, which means,“to cause to coalesce, to join together, put together.  To unite or knit together: in affection.” (Strong’s Greek Dictionary of the Bible)

We have a wonderful example in Scripture of two people being sovereignly knit together in, and for, God’s purpose in Jonathan and David.

“And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.” (1 Samuel 18:1 KJV)

In the years to come, Jonathan would be a “joint of supply” to David, and David, likewise, to Jonathan.  This was a sovereign work of God’s Spirit, for this divinely ordained friendship ultimately became the “hinge” on which the purpose of God concerning the Messianic promise, lineage and Kingdom hung and turned, being embodied in David.  It was Jonathan’s covenant-like friendship to David that caused him to risk his own life to warn David of Saul’s murderous plans to kill him.  Little did Jonathan or David know at the beginning how significant this relationship would be in God’s purpose and economy.

I believe this is the kind of close-knit relationships that God also brings into His Body when He establishes “joints of supply”.  The Spirit of God sovereignly works in the lives of certain individuals and knits their hearts together in love for His purpose.  I have experienced this a good many times in my years in the Body of Christ, and can attest that it is a sovereign work of grace.  I have also found in these relationships that there is something of God’s purpose bound up with them that far transcends our own interests, concerns, desires or needs.  As these relationships have been faithfully lived in, it has become clear the specific and unique purpose(s) that God had intended for them from the beginning.  These purposes, though containing much personal benefit, have proven to relate primarily to the larger Body of Christ in regards to some special aspect of its unity, ministry and growth.  This is the larger purpose for “joints of supply” in the Body.

Mutual Supply

The second characteristic of these “joints of supply” is that there is a mutual supply of the life, nourishment and communication that flows from the Head to and through the Body.  Joints not only have tendons and sinews that knit them together, but they also have blood vessels and nerves that surround and pass through them.  These give the life-giving supply of blood-borne nutrition, oxygen, and antibodies, as well as neural impulses and information.  Apart from these joints, individual members would be isolated and cut off from the life and functionality of the body.

I have personally found in these relationships that they have been marked by these very things.  Primarily they are characterized by “life”.  There is a mutual flow of life from the Head, that carries with it all of the rich “nutrients” of Christ, along with the “oxygen” of the Spirit and the “antibodies” of the Word.  These are also the relationships that have brought the greatest supply of wisdom, counsel, prophetic insight and confirmation as to the mind of the Lord into my life.  I, likewise, believe these same things have flowed in the opposite direction through me to others whom God has knit my heart with.  This aspect of regular mutual supply is a hallmark of these “joints of supply” relationships.


Thirdly, these relationships are marked by increased functionality of both members according to their specific giftedness, calling and ministry in the Body.  It is the strength of the “muscles” that connect across these joints that cause the joined parts to move and work in coordination with the Head, each other and the other members of the Body.  It is in connected relationships that gifting, calling and function find their fullest and most natural expression.  I have found in my own life that it has been in these “joints of supply” relationships that I have received the greatest encouragement, equipping and enablement to fulfill my function in the Body of Christ.

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It has been the presence of these three aspects that has marked and identified certain relationships in my life as “joints of supply.”  These relationships are not only gifts from the Lord to us personally, but are also given for the purpose of joining and knitting the Body of Christ together by what they supply. 

Joint Care

In closing, I would like to say that because these “joints of supply” are so valuable, they need to be guarded, nourished, cared for and sometimes mended.  As one now approaching my mid-fifties, I can attest that my joints are not all that they used to be.  Aches, pains and stiffness occasionally occur.  A number of years ago, I also battled Lyme disease in my upper joints.  There is still some residual arthritic pain and stiffness from that disease in my neck, shoulder and elbow joints.  Now my thumb has taken a serious hit and one joint will no longer be usable.  It is painfully real to me just how valuable and necessary joints are to the full and normal functioning of the body!  They need to be taken care of with diligence.

As this is true in the natural body, so it is true in the Body of Christ. In all honesty, I am  painfully aware that there are spiritual “joints of supply” in my life that are not all that they used to be either.  Some have gotten old and stiff.  I have had others that have been attacked by the enemy and have suffered severe pain… some of which still lingers.  Sadly, I have had yet others that have become dislocated and are no longer functional.  How we suffer, and the Body suffers, when our “joints” are not strong and healthy!

On the other hand, I have also seen some “joints” that were at one time dislocated, but are now reset and restored, and others that are and have been healthy all along.

All this to say, just as we need to take care of our joints in our natural bodies, so we need to take care of our “joints” in the Body of Christ.  When these suffer, the whole Body suffers; when these are healthy, the whole Body thrives from their health.  These God-given relationships are one of the primary keys to the Body of Christ living in the unity, life, functionality, health and growth that the Lord desires and intends for His Church.

As we consider all of the many facets of “Real Relational Unity”, may we take time to consider and give renewed attention to these “joints of supply” in our lives.  This is where real relational unity is most genuinely and purposefully lived out.

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18 Responses to Joints of Supply

  1. Alan Knox says:


    Thanks for taking part in the chain blog! I’ll publish post #9 in the chain blog in about an hour.



    • david bolton says:

      Alan, I’ve updated my list of posts to include your latest. Thanks again for initiating this chain blog. It is a blessing to be able to participate. -David


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  3. Alan Knox says:


    I didn’t have time to read your post earlier, but I just read it. I love your description of “joints of supply” from Ephesians 4:16 (one of my favorite passages). When we refuse to relate to one another in unity in Jesus Christ, it’s like cutting off a “joint of supply” through whom God desires to work in order to mature us together in Jesus.



  4. nathanodell says:

    Wow David. This is some really insightful revelation about the body of Christ and how we are joined together. I particularly liked your point about the body being one, but certain parts are more intimately joined together than others, and that proper functioning only happens when the two parts are supplying one another. This is such a great revelation! I can see some “joints of supply” in my own life.

    Thanks for the post Dave. You have supplied us abundantly.


    • david bolton says:

      Very encouraging comment, Nathan. Thank you. I appreciate the supply that is flowing from your blog as well to me and others. It is rich with Christ.
      Abundant blessings!


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  6. Hi David, I’m praying for good recovery for your hand. When one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers – literally as well as metaphorically.


    – Kathleen


    • david bolton says:

      Thank you, Kathleen. I greatly appreciate the prayers.
      May we all continue to pray and give ourselves to the healing of Christ’s wounded, disjointed Body. There is much yet to be restored.
      Your blog, Kathleen, is a great blessing to that end! Thanks.


  7. Greg says:

    Well spoken David.
    Its exactly these kinds of personal analogous discussions that will capture the imaginations of many bruised and battered Christians who are wary of getting too close to others lest they are hurt again.
    Somehow, these lonely and damaged souls must be convinced that being hurt, and healed is an inseparable part of body life, just as are eating, sleeping and the many other functions that body’s do. We must keep on talking about Jesus and us as one if we are going to see it emerge any time soon.
    Thanks for taking the time to explain it.


    • david bolton says:

      Thanks, Greg, for your comment. Life in the Body, especially in organic, relational expressions is certainly fraught with the possibility, and even inevitability, of relational misunderstandings, injuries and woundedness. Our own fallenness, diversity, levels of spiritual growth and maturity, spiritual warfare, etc… all work together, under God’s sovereign hand, to perfect us into the image of Christ, both personally and corporately. It is not without a deep working of the cross, however, which often comes through and in our relationships with others. If we are faithful to let the Lord finish His work in us without running from the relationship or situation, we will come through into resurrection, victory and healing. If we run away before the work is completed, however, we will be wounded, but without the hope of resurrection. (I have said it before, there are alot of wounded Christians out there because the Lord was able to get one nail into their hand and it hurt so much they yanked themselves off the cross and ran away bleeding and wounded.) The cross is essential for God to build His House with living stones (which have legs!)

      Thanks for your comment, Greg. More than that, thanks for your seasoned maturity in the Body of Christ and your ministry to those pursuing the ekklesia in organic relationship! In commend your blog to my readers!


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  10. Jeremy Myers says:

    I never really noticed the word “joint” there before, but now that you point it out and explain it, I see the analogy! Your explanation is beautiful as well. Not all body parts are identical, but we can be knit together in unity with the things we have in common at the joints.

    I joined the chain blog too this week:


    • David Bolton says:

      Thanks, Jeremy, for your comment. I’m glad there was something fresh there for you! Good to see you’re in on the chain blog as well. I appreciated your post very much! Love is the perfect bond of unity!


  11. Landon Potts says:

    I can testify to “Relational Unity” of “joints of supply” in my life in many ways but specifically my most recent experience. God saved me from certain death when by drowning or being crushed to death when my 300 pound power wheelchair fell into the Connecticut River with me confined in it as it sunk rapidly 20ft to the bottom in the murky water. I had a miracle story that needed to be shared with the world of God’s amazing love. I shared the story with everyone I could, spoke at a few churches and wrote a paper. I knew God wanted more out of it but I had no idea how to accomplish it. Of course, I thought a video down the road would be awesome but had no idea who would do it that could truly reflect and share God’s love. I didn’t know any videographers and didn’t want just some random person who wouldn’t glorify Jesus. But the Lord joined me with David’s wonderful family years ago and tDavid’s son, Eli just happened to do videography. They are like family to me now. I shared with Eli my desire for a simple few second fly over of the scene of the accident. Long story very short, not only did this young man create a fly over but had a vision of a full documentary video. God knew what He was doing. “Out of the Depths|| A Survival Story” (recently posted on this blog) was the result of his magnificent work which is far beyond what I could ever imagine for my testimony. I had the testimony and Eli had the vision and the creative ability to make the video happen. It was the most perfect task relationship because both our hearts were to glorify God showing the love of Jesus which would in turn share my story and promote his business. I can’t thank God enough for linking me with someone that knew me, a Christian, wanted to glorify God and believed in my story. Not some random person that didn’t know me or my heart. Then linking us for a mutual beneficial purposes of sharing my story and his business. Only God could have arranged this and it is a perfect example of your beautifully written article about the parts of the Body of Christ working together and the joints of supply needed to advance the Kingdom of God. Praise God!”

    To see the amazing example of “joints of supply” in action, see the link below:

    Liked by 1 person

    • David Bolton says:

      Thank you, Landon. Your story is amazing and we’re so glad our lives have joined together in Christ for His purpose and glory! We’re trusting that God will send your testimony out to the nations and many will be blessed! It’s a wonderful thing, these “joints of supply”! 🙂


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