A Shepherd’s Tale – by Evan Bolton

As we enter the season of the celebration of the birth of Christ, I thought it would be appropriate to re-share a post I published last December concerning a beautiful piece of historical fiction that our son, Evan, wrote and self-published two years ago.  It captures the story of the birth of Christ in a very rich and inspiring way.  I hope you enjoy the excerpts that are here and will consider possibly purchasing a copy of it for your family.  As is shared in this post, all proceeds go directly to the ministry of mission:soccer, which Evan is founder and director of.  This is a meaningful way to give, as well as receive, during this holiday season.

Many blessings, David

Christ-Centered Christianity


“FOR THE MAJORITY of my life, I blocked out the painful memories of my childhood.  Having been so young when everything happened, there seemed to be added confusion to an already foggy reality.  I was born into a small family, the smallest of my clan. Our clan was the smallest in the tribe of Judah.  My father had always struggled to get by; he was not a man of education or religious status.  He found his place in the fields with what few sheep our family had.  My mother was a very quiet and modest woman, from what I was told.  She died only hours after I was born.  As a child, my closest friends were the sheep in our flock. Because we had no family around Bethlehem where we lived, I accompanied my father wherever he led our flock and found my home as an ever-changing scene.  The roof…

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