The Heart of the Matter (“Christ the Center” series revisited – Part 3)

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As we consider the next definition for the word “center”, we will look into the very heart of the matter of the centrality of Christ: the supreme place that the Eternal Son holds in the Heart, Soul, Mind and Will of the Father.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines “center” as:

“A person or thing that is the chief object of attention, interest, activity, or emotion.”

As I meditated on this definition, the words to express its significance in relation to the centrality and supremacy of Christ came to me in poetic rather than prosaic form.

~ ~ ~

We Begin

Before the Beginning

Before Time

In the eternal existence of I AM

Eternal Love flowed infinitely between the Divine Persons of the Triune Being

Father Son Spirit

In the midst of Perfect Love

Unquenchable Glory Blazed

Unbounded Pleasure, Delight Consumed

Relentless Joy, Satisfaction Multiplied

The Three

The One

The Timeless All


Love is Purposeful

Love is Kind

Love is Creative

 Love is Extravagant


The Father

The Eternal Source of All

Conceived a Design

A Magnificat of Love

The expression of His inexpressible Passion

For His Son

The Gift to be unwrapped over ages and eons


In One

The chief object of all attention

The supreme focus of all fascination

The vortex of all activity

The beneficiary of all

Heart and Soul

Mind and Strength

Of a Father’s Love



In the Beginning

The Word

The Word was with God

God was with God

In the Beginning

The Image of the Invisible

The Radiance of the Glory

Firstborn over All

Before all things

“The Beginning”


And God Spoke

The Word

And There Was

Through Him all things were made

 Without him nothing was made that has been made

Heaven, Earth, Visible, Invisible

Thrones, Powers, Rulers, Authorities

All things by Him

All things for Him

All things in Him

Sustained by

The Word


The Word

 Made flesh

Among us

The Glory of the One and Only

Full of Grace and Truth

The Fullness

In Flesh


God with us

Lamb in a Stable

Bread in the House of Bread

Bridegroom at a Wedding

High Priest in the Temple

Servant at the Table

Vine in the Wine Press

Last Adam in the Garden

Carpenter Nailed to a Cross

Foundation Stone in the Ground


In the Garden, the Firstfruit

Behind barred doors, the Open Door

The Way, the Truth, the Life


The Great High Priest

With His Own blood

The Mercy Seat, the Throne in Heaven

The Coronation of the King

The Lamb

The Lion

The nail-scarred Hand

 Holds the Rod and Scepter

The deep-scarred Brow

From cursed earth’s crown

Wears the crowns of Heaven

 From His opened, wounded Side

Comes His Love

His Holy Bride

Flesh of His flesh

Bone of His bone

Mystery of Mysteries

The Many, The One

His Body

 The Fullness


The Head


In All Things

By the Father


 The Fullness of Times

Consummated, Complete

All Things Re-gathered

To the One

The Chief

The Sum

The Father’s Will, the Father’s Gift

The Father’s Love Unfolded

Christ in All

All in Christ

The Center and Circumference




Ages Roll

The Consummation of the Love

Father Son Spirit


The Four

The One

The Satisfied

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


As you take time to think on these things, please consider once again

the meaning of the word “center” that we started this post with:

“A person or thing that is the chief object of attention, interest, activity, or emotion.”

O, how Christ fulfills the deepest meaning of these words…

He is truly the Center of the Father’s Heart!

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Following Him who is the Way; learning of Him who is the Truth; living by Him who is the Life. - John 14:6
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2 Responses to The Heart of the Matter (“Christ the Center” series revisited – Part 3)

  1. errollmulder says:

    Glorious! It inspires me to worship! Thanks David.


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