Affirmations (2) – Christ the Unrivaled Center of the Church

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~ Affirmations ~

2. Christ the Unrivaled Center of the Church

~ ~ ~

I affirm that in each and every aspect of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ is to hold the place of absolute and unrivaled centrality, according to the eternal purpose, pleasure, and glory of the Father.

~ ~ ~

I affirm that the Church is to have no other rallying point, primary emphasis, passionate pursuit, concentrated focus, unifying vision, originating source, sustaining power, governing authority, and culminating objective, in all of her multi-faceted dimensions of faith and practice, than the Lord Jesus Christ.

~ ~ ~

I affirm that each and every individual matter of faith and practice, no matter how great or significant it may be in and of itself, represents a diminishment compared to Christ, and is insufficient to hold the central place in the faith and practice of the Church.

~ ~ ~

I affirm that any singular matter of faith or practice that does rival or supplant Christ in His centrality, in any aspect of the church’s experience or expression, is in that position spiritually idolatrous and introduces limitation, discord, defilement and distortion into the Body of Christ.

~ ~ ~

I affirm that each and every matter of faith and practice only finds its full reality, true significance, and proper balance when it is seen centered, summed up, and fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

~ ~ ~

I affirm that all matters of faith and practice when stewarded properly remain Christ-centered in their focus, and thus purposefully serve to reveal and supply more of Christ to the Body.

~ ~ ~

I affirm that as the church gathers, it is to do so around, unto, and according to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and that He is to be unrivaled as to His place of centrality, preeminence, and significance by any lesser person, program, or practice.

~ ~ ~

I affirm that in the gathering of the church, any person, program, or practice that does rival or preempt Christ in His centrality, preeminence, and significance is in that regard spiritually idolatrous and its inflated status and eccentric focus must be corporately repented of.

~ ~ ~

I affirm that although the Church has historically substituted many things in the place of Christ as their unrivaled Center, yet the Lord is raising up an overcoming remnant who will return to their First Love, the Lord Jesus Christ, and restore the spiritual and practical realities of the centrality of Christ back to the Church in these last days.

~ ~ ~

I affirm that only a radically and comprehensively Christ-centered expression of the Church, in its daily life and corporate gatherings, is able to embody and display forth the eternal purpose of God to all of creation according to her high calling.

~ ~ ~

These truths I affirm!



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Following Him who is the Way; learning of Him who is the Truth; living by Him who is the Life. - John 14:6
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5 Responses to Affirmations (2) – Christ the Unrivaled Center of the Church

  1. errollmulder says:

    Glad I can be the first to like this. Thanks David. Sadly there are so many ‘rivals’ to this affirmation, but never mind, we shall take our stand and God will have the final say.

    Liked by 1 person

    • David Bolton says:

      Yes, indeed. We can only align ourselves with God’s ultimate intention (the best we can, by God’s grace), and let Him do the rest. In the end, His will SHALL prevail. “As for me and my house…”, that’s where we take our stand. So glad to stand with others like yourself, as well, who are locked in! Blessings!


  2. Lloyd says:

    David, you leave no doubt! Well written!

    Liked by 1 person

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