The Cross in “3D”

The cross is like a many-sided jewel that must be turned and beheld from all angles to appreciate its true beauty and extraordinary worth.  In this post, I’d like to give a three-point perspective on the cross through a collection of posts I’ve written which each express a specific revelation that God has given me concerning it.

The synergy of diverse viewpoints tends to give a subject a greater sense of depth, clarity, and balance. My hope is that these meditations will help to do just that concerning the cross so that it may be seen in a fresh,”3D” perspective.

Below are excerpts from the written posts with links to the full articles, along with an audio playlist of the three pieces, if you would prefer to listen. I pray that you are blessed with a greater comprehension and appreciation of the greatest single event in all of human (and Divine) history…the CROSS!

~ ~ ~

“The Cross – The Eternal Passion of God”

excerpt: “I remember being on a long trip a number of years back and musing on the cross as I was driving.  Part of my meditation was that I was wondering how the eternal justice of God was fully satisfied for all men, and for all time, by Christ’s sufferings and death on the cross.  I wondered how the temporal sufferings and death of Christ actually “balanced the scales” of the eternal judgment of God for sin.  When sin is judged with eternal punishment, how could Christ’s temporal punishment for sin suffice as just payment?  Honestly, it didn’t fully add up in my mind.

Then I felt the Lord open my understanding and speak to my heart, ‘It is not the duration of the sufferings in hours or days, but the depth of the sufferings that needed to be accomplished.  The duration of the suffering is not measured by time, but by eternity.’”  [to full post…]

~ ~ ~

“The Cross – The Unlevel Playing Field of Satan’s Defeat”

excerpt: “Lucifer’s uprising interjected something foreign, alien, disrupting, corrupting.

Had God, the omnipotent Creator, responded in swift and final judgement, the atmosphere of heaven would have instantly and forever changed. God would have become, at that moment, One not simply to be reverently and lovingly adored and served, but One to be eternally terrified of.  Angelic worship and obedience would become permeated with a sense of fearful servitude out of pure self-preservation. Love and wonder would not have filled the air, but a pervasive, inescapable sense of dread.

This is not the heaven that God desires, nor will have. His challenge, therefore, is to deal with this rebellion without undermining the loving, joyful, peaceful relationship He has with the rest of His creatures. Lucifer must neither through his rebellion, nor through the outworking of his judgment, spoil the very nature of heaven.

For God to accomplish this, His Plan would not be played out on an un-level playing field, tipped in His favor, with He as Creator, and His Opponent as creature; with He being infinite in power, and His Opponent, finite in power. It would be another way.

But it would not be easy!” [to full post…]

~ ~ ~

“Co-Laboring With God”

excerpt: “The cross, when it has fully accomplished its radical work, makes us alive in Christ as God-centered men and women, fit to co-labor with Him in His God-centered work. We will no longer interject ourselves into His work as originators of it, sustainers of it, or prime recipients of it. We will merely be earthen vessels participating in that which has its source, means and ends in God and not in the natural man.”  [to full post…]

~ ~ ~

These audio files may also be listened to or downloaded separately by clicking or saving the following links:
“The Cross – The Eternal Passion of God”
“The Cross – The Unlevel Playing Field of Satan’s Defeat”
“Co-Laboring With God”

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About David Bolton

Following Him who is the Way; learning of Him who is the Truth; living by Him who is the Life. - John 14:6
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