Affirmations (7) – My Commitments

[Affirmations series: Introduction, Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7and Conclusion.]


~ Affirmations ~

7. My Commitments

~ ~ ~

I affirm my commitment to the Father and to a life-long, uncompromising obedience to His eternal purpose so that its spiritual principles and sovereign priorities may, above all things, govern and fashion my life, relationships, ministry, and work.  I commit to live solely for the Father’s glory, pleasure, and satisfaction as I seek to be a vessel shaped by and bearing witness to His supreme desire and ultimate intention in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

~ ~ ~

I affirm my commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as my unrivaled Center, in Whom, through Whom, and to Whom are all things.  I commit to seek His centrality, supremacy and all-sufficiency in all things related to my life, faith, family, the ekklesia, and the world.  I will give my supreme devotion and steadfast allegiance to no lesser person, principle, or thing.  I will seek the reality, fullness, purity, and balance of all spiritual matters, whether individual or corporate, in Jesus Christ Himself, so that He forever remains my undiminished focus, my unrelenting pursuit, and my inexhaustible source of all things.

~ ~ ~

I affirm my commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as my God-given Identity into Whom, and into whose Name, I have been baptized.  I commit myself to the surpassing greatness and unifying power of His Person, Work, and Name which binds all who are in Him together as one and cancels out all lesser identities, be they secular or “spiritual”.  I reject all sectarian, man-made labels, names, categories, groupings and denoms that would distinguish me from other believers and I commit to only being identified by Him Whose name is “above every name”, the Lord Jesus Christ.

~ ~ ~

I affirm my commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as my sole Foundation, and the sole Foundation of the Church, both universally and locally.  I commit to being established solely upon Him as the one Foundation Who can establish, unify, and define my life, and the ekklesia, according to God’s heavenly pattern and eternal purpose.  I reject all sectarian, worldly, man-made foundations that seek to establish, unify, and define individual Christians or groups of Christians by something other than, or in addition to, Christ.  I commit myself to seeing local expressions of the ekklesia established on the one, God-given, God-tested, God-approved, God-laid, and God-upheld foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ, alone, as end-time restoration testimonies to God’s eternal purpose and original pattern for the Church.

~ ~ ~

I affirm my commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as my Head and as the Head of His Body, the Church. I commit myself to ardently pursue a life of submission, sensitivity and obedience to His Headship in every aspect of my life.  I pledge to seek out and sacrificially give myself to an expression of the Church where His practical Headship is sought and submitted to in its corporate gatherings and daily life.  I will do all that is within me, by His grace, to cooperate with and to promote the Headship of Christ among God’s people, so that He may be restored to His rightful place within His Church in these last days.

~ ~ ~

I affirm my commitment to the Lord’s restoration purpose and program in these Last Days in purifying an overcoming remnant who will return to Him with all their heart and seek to establish local expressions of His Church in which Jesus Christ is given His rightful place as unrivaled Center, unifying Identity, sole Foundation, and uncontested Head.  I will not pursue my own interests, desires, and needs, be they natural or “spiritual”, but will lay down my life to pursue the Father’s eternal desire and supreme intention for His people.  I pledge my life, my family, and my resources to the restoration of end-time, remnant testimonies to His eternal purpose and original pattern for the Ekklesia.  I will not shrink back though it cost me (and my family) testings, trials, barrenness, wilderness purgings, ostracism, persecution, opposition, and/or discouragement.  I will not be governed by externals or apparent successes or failures, but merely by obedience to God’s heavenly vision and living solely for the glory, pleasure and satisfaction of my Father as I seek to be faithful to His eternal purpose in all things.

~ ~ ~

These commitments I affirm!


Conclusion follows here.


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Following Him who is the Way; learning of Him who is the Truth; living by Him who is the Life. - John 14:6
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  1. Mina Crocker says:

    I love this! I’m trying to send it to texts or messages to save!


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