Delighting in God – by A.W. Tozer – Free audiobook offer

Hey folks,

Just a quick post to share a resource that’s being offered this month (May, 2016) for free.  Every month offers a free audiobook download as a way of blessing the Body of Christ and keeping a ministry/generosity focus to their Christian audio business.  These are always top-notch selections and productions. This month’s I felt was especially worth passing on.

They are currently offering a new A.W. Tozer book, Delighting in God, which is a collection of Bro. Tozer’s sermons from later in his life.  Together they serve as a devotional follow-up to his classic work, The Knowledge of the Holy, which was the last book that he wrote.  Bro. Tozer had desired to write a devotional sequel to it, but it never came to fruition during his lifetime. This compilation has been chosen to fulfill that desire and meet that need.  It is classic Tozer!

Along with this “freebie”, all other Tozer audiobooks that christianaudio carries are on sale for only $4.98 this month as well, (which normally range in price from $10.98 – $14.98.)  These include The Knowledge of the Holy, The Attributes of God Vol. 1 & 2God’s Pursuit of Man,  The Pursuit of God,  The Radical Cross, The Root of the Righteous, and an excellent biography, A Passion For God by Lyle Dorsett.  I’ve listened to all of these except for The Radical Cross and The Root of the Righteous and they are excellent indeed.

To take advantage of these (or future) offers, go to and follow the simple instructions.  You will need to sign up with an email address, which will put you on their mailing list for future offers and sales, but you don’t have to purchase anything or sign up for a monthly membership, etc., to take advantage of the free offer.

Even if you don’t happen to be an audiobook listener at this time, you may want to still consider taking advantage of this offer, for you can always access the title(s) later on, even years from now, from “Your Library” on the site.  You can also “gift” these offers to a friend, if you know someone whom you think may be interested and blessed by them.

I wanted to pass on the word about this particular opportunity as I’ve been so personally blessed by Bro. Tozer’s works in the past.  The offer is only good until the end of this month though, so dive on in! 🙂

All blessings,

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