Lessons From the Underground Church in China

As the People’s Republic of China recently celebrated it’s 70th anniversary (October 1, 2019), I wanted to focus a post on the underground church in China that has endured intense persecution under this repressive, communist regime.  As the Chinese government continues to develop and employ powerful, ubiquitous tools of mass surveillance and is implementing it’s dystopian “social credit” system as a means of social control, there has never been a greater time or need to pray for our faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who are living and laboring for the Kingdom of God there.

The purified, overcoming testimony of the underground church in China also serves as a powerful witness to the Church in the rest of the world.  It is the informed belief of many that China is the pattern of the global governance system that is being advanced and the technological systems of social control that are being rolled out there will soon be implemented in more and more nations around the world.  The Church in the West is largely unaware and unprepared for the level of surveillance, control, oppression, and persecution that could possibly be forced upon us.  It is time for a great awakening and a sober preparation for what lies ahead, no matter what that may be.  We would do well to learn from those who are presently living in such repressive nations as China and be encouraged by the overcoming nature of their faith.

Below is a section from the book, Principles for the Gathering of Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ, that I have hosted as a free resource on this blog.  The section is called: “Lessons From the Underground Church in China”.  For this post, I’ve assembled the audio files for this section into a continuous playlist for your ease of listening.  Below that are the PDF and mp3 files for the chapters that can be downloaded.  I pray that these powerful writings by those closely connected with the underground church in China, and elsewhere around the world, will greatly stir your faith and also be an impetus to pray for the saints of God in China and for the advancing of the gospel in that land.

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Principle 36 – Dependence on the Moving of the Holy Spirit (pdf)  (mp3)
Principle 37 – Jesus Christ as Lord and Head (pdf)  (mp3)
Principle 38 – The Spirit of Martyrdom (pdf)  (mp3)
Principle 39 – God Actually Answers Prayer (pdf)  (mp3)
Principle 40 – The Body of Christ is the Church (pdf)  (mp3)
Principle 41 – The Back To Jerusalem Movement (pdf)  (mp3)
Principle 42 – The True Mission of the Church (pdf)  (mp3)

For the full resource page of this book, with all the chapters and various means of downloading/obtaining it, please see the following page:
PRINCIPLES Book (Complete – PDF, mp3 and more)

I also have another post where I share my familial connection with the work of God in China and a powerful video of footage of the underground church there.  Please see the post:
A Grandfather’s Poem and Rare Footage of the Underground Church in China

God bless you as we join our hearts and prayers with the Body of Christ that is in this land.  May God strengthen them and us through our mutual faith and fellowship in the Spirit in this critical hour in which we live.  -David

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The Great Acceleration and the Overcoming Church


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3 Responses to Lessons From the Underground Church in China

  1. errollmulder says:

    This could not be more relevant at this time, David. Many thanks for the resources. We have friends in HK facing the current upheaval and riots. I will also never forget the impact on my own life of two visits to that massive country. Even in South Africa, more and more ‘control’ is being exercised, the latest being that one is not allowed to discipline your child in the biblical way (the latter obviously with great wisdom and tenderness and relationship in tact). Then there is ‘pc’ and the rampant LGBTI lobby. Thank God, Jesus reigns! Grace and peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • David Bolton says:

      Thank you, Erroll. We are certainly living in extraordinary times! May He find us faithful to the end.
      Love to you, your family, and the saints you are gathered with!
      All blessings,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lloyd Bowden says:

    Great stuff, David!


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