Tortured for Christ – the movie (limited-time, free, online event)

Dear friends,

I wanted to share a limited-time opportunity to watch an inspiring, new movie, Tortured for Christ online for free.  This is the cinematic retelling of the testimony of Richard Wurmbrand, formerly persecuted Romanian pastor and founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, as originally written in the international bestseller book, Tortured for Christ. 

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If you are unfamiliar with his powerful testimony, his story/bio can be found here.

More on his life can also be found on his Wikipedia page.

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To watch the event for free online, you will need to register at the following link,
sponsored by Voice of the Martyrs:

The limited-time event will be from February 29th – March 2nd 2020.

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Here is the trailer:

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The movie, as well as group-study materials, is also available for purchase here if you prefer to have a DVD of it (or the event has expired by the time you read this.)

Please consider how you may be able to share this movie with your circle of friends, family, and fellowship, whether by hosting a showing or simply by spreading the word around on social media.

May the Church of Jesus Christ worldwide be encouraged and strengthened by the powerful testimony of this courageous, godly man!

All blessings in Christ,

Register for free event online

PRINCIPLES Book (Complete – PDF, mp3 and more)

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Following Him who is the Way; learning of Him who is the Truth; living by Him who is the Life. - John 14:6
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6 Responses to Tortured for Christ – the movie (limited-time, free, online event)

  1. godelshaddai says:

    David –

    Did I tell you about when I met Richard Wurmbrand, and the question I asked him? And his answer that blew me away? It was 1968 or 69 I think……



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    • David Bolton says:

      No, I didn’t hear that story. Feel free to share it here so others can be blessed as well.


      • David Bolton says:

        Richard got back to me by email about his having met Richard Wurmbrand some 50 years ago. With his permission, I am posting his reply here:

        I had the honor and privilege of meeting Richard Wurmbrand about 1969 or 70 when he was speaking at a small local theater in Mansfield, OH. Group was small as I remember it, fewer than a hundred, as he was not famous – but my mother had his book and I had read it.

        After he spoke, he opened the time for Q&A, and I asked him what I thought would be a probing and revealing question – but he shot me down big-time with the most amazing answer. Remember – this was about 1970. I asked him, “Brother Wurmbrand, don’t you think it will take severe persecution here in the USA before Christians get serious about their walk with and commitment to the Lord?”

        His shocking answer came in two parts, and I can only paraphrase his answers as it was so long ago: “No. To make that assumption, you believe that saints will only walk closely with God as a result of an external condition, an external pressure. This would mean that men and women only will walk with God if they are forced to. This is not true. Men and women walk with God because of His amazing grace and love – neither of which is dependent on external circumstances or conditions.” That was Part I.

        Part II. was, “When man is pressured into a walk with God by external circumstances, that is not grace. In fact, does it not far more glorify God when prosperous, wealthy, Americans who have no need pursue God with all of their hearts? In that case, it is clearly all the grace of God that draws, and not circumstances – and I think that glorifies Him even more.”

        But he didn’t finish there……..”You in the western world think that the church in Communist countries is spiritual. It is not. In fact, the church in the west is far stronger. Because in poor communist countries, we do not have the Bible – so there is much error and deception. Cults are rampant – because we not only do not have the Bible, but few are strong in Bible knowledge. Our people are easily mislead as a result. You need to pray for the church in communist countries because it is so very weak spiritually.”

        This is only one of a thousand times when my pre-conceived, conventional “Christian” thoughts were completely shot down by great men of God that I have met and known. I thank Him for every one of them – because they exposed the error in my thinking – and turned me to the true and living God, His love and grace.

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        • Wow, that was enlightening! I never thought about it that way, but such wisdom there! I’ll never think of that question the same again.

          It also spoke to me in another way, too, because I’ve been in that place of “wanting a big change,” or, some ‘kick-in-the-but’ to get things moving faster. But what I’m wanting, is something that God gives when HE deems right. Meanwhile, He has given us all that we need for “life and godliness,” if only we are thankful, and faithful, right where we are.

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  2. Thanks for this link, David. The Voice of The Martyrs is a charity of love that I have supported and followed for years. I have never seen this video, so plan to check it out.

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