Divine Healing – by Andrew Murray (free audiobook)


Divine Healing

Andrew MURRAY (1828 – 1917)

Andrew Murray’s practical and devotional writings on the Bible have been a help and blessing to Christian believers for more than a century. In this powerfully written book, Murray takes up the subject of healing as revealed in Scripture, showing how the work of Jesus Christ embraces not only pardon for sin but also healing from sickness. (Summary by Christopher Smith)

Play00 00 – Preface Christopher Smith 00:01:07
Play01 01 – Pardon and Healing Christopher Smith 00:06:51
Play02 02 – Because of Your Unbelief Christopher Smith 00:07:09
Play03 03 – Jesus and the Doctors Christopher Smith 00:05:59
Play04 04 – Health and Salvation in the Name of Jesus Christopher Smith 00:05:53
Play05 05 – Not by Our Own Power Christopher Smith 00:06:13
Play06 06 – According to the Measure of Faith Christopher Smith 00:06:23
Play07 07 – The Way of Faith Christopher Smith 00:06:11
Play08 08 – Your Body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost Christopher Smith 00:06:25
Play09 09 – The Body for the Lord Christopher Smith 00:06:04
Play10 10 – The Lord for the Body Christopher Smith 00:05:57
Play11 11 – Do Not Consider Your Body Christopher Smith 00:05:21
Play12 12 – Discipline and Sanctification Christopher Smith 00:06:43
Play13 13 – Sickness and Death Christopher Smith 00:05:29
Play14 14 – The Holy Spirit the Spirit of Healing Christopher Smith 00:05:06
Play15 15 – Persevering Prayer Christopher Smith 00:06:08
Play16 16 – Let Him that is Healed Glorify God Christopher Smith 00:05:28
Play17 17 – The Need of a Manifestation of God’s Power Christopher Smith 00:05:11
Play18 18 – Sin and Sickness Christopher Smith 00:05:11
Play19 19 – Jesus Bore Our Sicknesses Christopher Smith 00:06:10
Play20 20 – Is Sickness a Chatisement? Christopher Smith 00:06:01
Play21 21 – God’s Prescription for the Sick Christopher Smith 00:05:12
Play22 22 – The Lord that Healeth Thee Christopher Smith 00:05:55
Play23 23 – Jesus Heals the Sick Christopher Smith 00:05:40
Play24 24 – Fervent and Effectual Prayer Christopher Smith 00:06:31
Play25 25 – Intercessory Prayer Christopher Smith 00:05:16
Play26 26 – The Will of God Christopher Smith 00:06:24
Play27 27 – The Lord’s Healing Christopher Smith 00:06:45
Play28 28 – Obedience and Health Christopher Smith 00:06:51
Play29 29 – Job’s Sickness and Healing Christopher Smith 00:06:42
Play30 30 – The Prayer of Faith Christopher Smith 00:06:03
Play31 31 – Anointing in the Name of the Lord Christopher Smith 00:05:08
Play32 32 – Full Salvation Our Privilege Christopher Smith 00:14:29
Play33 33 – Ye are the Branches Christopher Smith 00:20:35



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Production details
Genre(s): Christianity – Other
Language: English
Running Time: 3:42:31
Zip file size: 106.9MB
Catalog date: 2012-12-06
Read by: Christopher Smith
Book Coordinator: Christopher Smith
Meta Coordinator:Barry Eads
Proof Listener: AllenJohns

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As a further source of comfort, encouragement and peace, I offer the following original songs taken from Psalm 27:13-14 and John 14:27:  I Would Have Despaired, and Isaiah 40:31, They That Wait.

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Main FREE AUDIOBOOKS page on Christ-Centered Christianity

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4 Responses to Divine Healing – by Andrew Murray (free audiobook)

  1. errollmulder says:

    There is not one book by Andrew Murray which I have read, that has failed to teach and inspire me! Many thanks, brother.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. David Bolton says:

    Yes, Erroll. I can say the same! Such a depth of spiritual insight and balanced Scriptural teaching. I also like that many of his books consist of short enough chapters that they can be read as daily devotionals, often with 30 or so chapters for each day of the month (even as this one is.)
    Blessings, my brother


  3. Lloyd says:

    Thanks David!


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