Blog Update: Introducing “Shorts” (plus two new free resources added)

Hi friends,

I’m sending out an update today to share with you about a “course change” I feel to make here on Christ-Centered Christianity.  For the past decade that I’ve been blogging, I’ve felt a burden to write out and publish some of the larger revelations, burdens, and teachings that the Lord has given to me over the years and led me to share on this platform.  To do so, it has necessitated some rather long-form posts, pages, and multi-post series.  My focus has always been on sharing substantive content rather than try to appeal to the “quick snack” mindset of much online content creation and consumption.  I’ve never wanted to publish anything that did not have the potential to spiritually impact those who read it in a substantial and, hopefully, lasting way.

With that as my intent over the years, and by God’s grace, I feel that I’ve been able to build up a substantial storehouse of Christ-centered teachings and resources for others to enjoy and be edified by.  The latest series, “The ‘Love’-‘Hate’ Relationship”, was the largest and longest of the multi-post series on the blog and upon completing it I felt the Lord speak to my heart to shift my emphasis now to a new approach for the next season of blogging.  The word that came to me was: “shorts.”

Beginning next week, then, I plan to publish posts with a target length of between 500 and 750 words.  (Yes, that’s short for me! 😉 )  The longest of these should be able to be read in approximately 3-4 minutes rather than the more common 15-20 minutes as has often been in the past.  I also plan to publish more frequently with a target of at least one “short” per week.

These posts will also be clustered around certain themes so that each one will not only stand on its own, but will also be part of a larger collection of “shorts” around a particular theme.  (Eventually, I hope to have a permanent section on the blog that will list these themes with their related posts all in one place.  That in due time!)

To start things off, then, I feel stirred of the Lord to focus on the theme of “worship.”  After three or four “shorts” have been posted in keeping with that theme, I will add in the next one while still continuing to build on the first theme as the Lord leads.  The same pattern will follow for additional themes and posts.

I also want you to know that my hope in writing these is that they will be more than mere “quick snacks” for those who read them (i.e. quickly read and, possibly, just as quickly forgotten), but that they will be concentrated, rich portions that when meditated on will supply substantial nourishment to those who are spiritually hungry.  I also hope that they may possibly spark additional collective sharing, insights, and conversation in the comments section!  That would be great!

Before closing out this portion of this post, however, I do need to make a simple caveat that there may still be times when I feel led to write some more substantial pieces, or other forms of posts, but these would be more the exception than the rule for the foreseeable future.

I hope that this new direction will be a blessing to you and that combined with the content already on the blog, will make for a full, well-rounded fair of spiritual food for all who are hungry!

~ ~ ~

[FYI…this post down to this point right here is “weighing in” at 574 words, and so if you consider what you’ve read thus far, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what the length of a “short” will actually be like.  😉 ]

~ ~ ~

I’d just like to wrap up this update with the sharing of two additional free resources I’ve added to this site under the FREE AUDIOBOOKS section.  Both of these are significant to me because they each, in their own way, stirred up fresh HOPE in me as I listened to them.  If there is one thing that we need at this time I believe it is a reset and restoration of our HOPE!

The first audiobook is, The Life of Charles G. Finney  by Aaron Merritt Hills.  The ministry of Charles Finney gives us a powerful glimpse into what is possible through the life of a radically consecrated, Spirit-filled, Word-filled, prayer-filled, man or woman of God who is given wholly to the service of Christ and the preaching of the Gospel.  There may be those who disagreed with some of his unique measures, and others with some of his doctrinal stances, but the evidences of the manifest power and working of God through his life and ministry cannot be denied!  In this hour in which we live, we need to be renewed in the hope of the mighty manifest working of the God of glory in this world through His consecrated servants and overcoming church!  I believe you will be greatly encouraged and stirred by his testimony!

The second audiobook is The Morning of Joy by Horatius Bonar.  He wrote this extraordinary piece as a requested sequel to His classic work, The Night of Weeping, (which I have hosted on this blog as well.)  Horatius Bonar is becoming one of my favorite spiritual authors because of the depth and richness of his communication of biblical truths.  I highly commend both of these works by Horatius Bonar to you as they touch on some of the most important aspects of our walk with Christ: God’s ordained purpose in suffering and His glorious promise of hope!  May you be blessed by these timeless works!

~ ~ ~

Well, that’s all for now!  I look forward to kicking off the new direction next week!  Until then…

All blessings in Christ,

About David

Following Him who is the Way; learning of Him who is the Truth; living by Him who is the Life. - John 14:6
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7 Responses to Blog Update: Introducing “Shorts” (plus two new free resources added)

  1. Rose Strydom says:

    Hi David !
    The Lord has given you a great new idea 🌹
    I’m reminded of your post last year (our mutual friend Erroll Mulder suggested I may like to follow your blogs) when Covid broke out world wide .
    The one thought that God used to speak to me through your blog was “ see I am doing a new thing do you not perceive it “? And then you said do we want God to change us or do we want to be the same.
    I said to God “ change me oh Lord whatever it takes “
    And He did by a powerful joyful outpouring of His Spirit !!! Even me !
    I have been teaching on the possibility of praying thousands of thought prayers during the course of a day instead of thousands of worry thoughts !
    Think one verse of scripture and pray it for everyone near and far ….. imagine the impact !
    Short is good ! Bless you David ! 🌹

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    • David Bolton says:

      Thank you for your encouraging comment, Rose! And what a wonderful testimony! You’re blessed to be in fellowship with our dear friend Erroll, and he, likewise, with you! I love your suggestions for prayer as well! Praying without ceasing has been a burden of my heart lately. Praying as you suggested would indeed be very powerful! Thanks for the suggestion and encouragement!!

      All blessings in Christ!


  2. errollmulder says:

    Wow David, I’m busy handling the subject of biblical ‘Worship’ right now with our house group, looking forward to further insights from you. Imho one of THE most important subjects for the Church today.

    And yeh, it’s going to take much more discipline from me to limit my articles to 750 words! Well done.

    I endorse Rose’s comment above, what a pleasure to have her teaching n our house church in recent times.


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    • David Bolton says:

      Blessings, Erroll! So often we seem to be in sync with the leading and burden of the Lord at a given time! How encouraging! I look forward to what the Lord writes on your heart concerning worship (if you feel led to put it into writing someday! 😉 😉 ), and I believe you are right that it is one of THE most important subjects for the Church today! Amen! (T. Austin-Sparks even calls it “The Ultimate Issue of the Universe.”) May God take us deeper!


      Liked by 1 person

  3. errollmulder says:

    ‘The Ultimate Issue of the Universe’… Awesome!


  4. Lloyd says:

    Change is good…not better…different. Keep it coming David!


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