Audio Reboot (#thecorporatechrist)

It’s been a few months since I’ve added to the collection of my latest series of posts, The Corporate Christ [i.e. (#thecorporatechrist.)]  There are yet a few posts to be added in the weeks ahead, so as a means to review and to reboot the series, I’ve recorded a serialized playlist of the posts that are published to date.  (These average just under 6 minutes apiece with the entire collection lasting approximately 40 minutes, about the average length of a podcast.)

For those who are unfamiliar with this series or who need a quick refresher, we are considering the matter of “the corporate Christ” with a special emphasis on the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  The title “Christ” means “the Anointed One” and so we see how central and essential the anointing of the Holy Spirit is to the calling and ministry of Jesus, the Son of God.

Likewise, if we are to fulfill our calling and ministry as “the Body of Christ” (i.e. the Body of the Anointed One), we must, likewise, see how central and essential the anointing of the Holy Spirit is to our lives, both individually and collectively.

As we look into Scripture, we further understand that in the Old Testament there was a three-fold purpose of the anointing oil, with a fourth purpose intricately intertwined with this three-fold cord.  The anointing oil, symbolic of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, was used to consecrate three groups of people: priests, prophets, and kings.  The matter of sonship was intricately bound up with each of these callings and is where all three find their consummation and highest expression in the wisdom and purpose of God.

In conjunction with these four callings we considered four specific “faces” that are found clustered together in the Scriptures in various places.  By looking closely at Ezekiel’s vision of the “four living creatures” (Ezekiel 1) and also how these symbols were incorporated into the banners of the tribes of Israel as they encamped around the tabernacle, I made a case for these four “faces” representing the four primary callings of God’s people that are specifically related to the anointing of the Holy Spirit: ox = priestly, eagle = prophetic, lion = kingly, and man = sonship.

The seven posts that have been published thus far lay the foundation of what I would consider to be a biblically-well-rounded understanding of the calling of “the corporate Christ.”  In the posts that will follow, we will explore some of the practical applications of these four “faces”/callings to our lives, both individually and corporately.

As preparation for those posts, then, I would ask and encourage you to (re)visit this foundation by either listening or reading through these initial posts together as a unified whole.  (Considering them together in close succession I believe will be very helpful in grasping their collective truth and significance.)  I truly believe there is very little that is more significant for us to lay hold of and press into together as His people than that which these posts are touching on!  May you be edified and encouraged in our high calling in Christ, the Anointed One!

If you prefer to read these posts rather than listen to them, links to the original posts are here:

The Anointed One
Four Faces of the Anointed One
Four Faces in the Wilderness
The Face of the Ox – Priestly Calling
The Face of the Eagle – Prophetic Calling
The Face of the Lion – Kingly Calling
The Face of the Man – Sonship Calling

May God bless and enrich you spiritually as you meditate on these foundational truths!

More to come soon! 🙂

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Following Him who is the Way; learning of Him who is the Truth; living by Him who is the Life. - John 14:6
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