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Hi friends,

I’m sending out a brief interim post with a needed clarification, an update, and a few personal requests before my next regular post comes out in a day or two.  If you are an email follower in particular, please take time to read!  Thanks!

Latest post notification/link issues – The most recent post (published March 23rd @ 11:23PM, EDT), had an issue with email notifications apparently not going out to everyone (including myself.)  As a result, I copied and republished the post about two hours later (March 24th @ 1:24AM, EDT) hoping that I might have better success.  I know of at least one person, however, who did not receive this second notification, and neither did I.  I’m assuming there may be others as well. 😦

Most of you, however, should have received two email notifications with only the second email having an active link.  If you didn’t receive the one with the active link, you may follow this one to view the post:

I wanted to clear up any confusion concerning that posting and send out the link before continuing with Part 3 of our current series.

[REQUEST: If you were one of those who did not receive both email notifications, would you please email me at david[at]christcenteredchrristianity[dot]com and let me know.  If this proves to be an ongoing problem, I will need to take further steps to get it resolved.  Any information I could provide in that process I’m sure would be helpful. THANKS!]

New permanent page added – The last four posts on this blog, which focus on “spiritual eccentricity” and “Christocentricity/Eccentricity Spiritual Theory”, are, in my opinion, some of the most important to date.  The truths and insights expressed in these posts underlie everything related to this blog, from the initial motivation to begin blogging (some 11 years ago now), to its name, focus, primary theme, and the majority of its content.

Because of the significance of this revelation and its centrality to this blog, I have created a permanent page in order to gather in one place the most significant posts related to it to date (with more to be added shortly.)  This page contains links to the original posts, audio playlists, and related video (animated shorts.)  If anyone is interested in a “crash course” on the central vision and burden of this blog, I recommend this page.

This new page is called simply, “C/EST“, which is short for “Christocentricity/Eccentricity Spiritual Theory.”  It can always be accessed by the “C/EST” tab from the header bar or drop down menu (depending on your device and formatting.)  If you would like to check it out now, the link is here:

Lastly, I want to thank and also encourage each one of you in regard to your participation in this blog.  By the grace of God, it has reached into over 190 different nations and territories over the years and has consistent daily traffic.  Every follower subscribed, post read, post liked, comment made, link clicked, resource downloaded, and post/page shared has also contributed to that reach and influence!

That being said, I have an urgency in my spirit as to the hour in which we are living, the desperate need for the Ekklesia to radically return to Christ as her unrivaled Center and uncontested Head, and the final preparation of the Bride for the imminent return of her Bridegroom.  I have sought to steward these burdens and truths with every page and post on this blog.

At this time, I feel to be (uncharacteristically) bold and make an appeal to those who have been blessed by this blog to please consider how you may partner together with this endeavor in prayer and also in sharing the content of this blog with others, be it with family, friends, those you are in fellowship with, co-workers, or on social media.  No one else can help spread the word in just the way that you can!  We truly need each other!

Please keep in mind, too, that in addition to the original writings and contributions on this blog, there are also some wonderful free resources by others that can be passed on as well to help edify and equip the body of Christ for this critical end-time that we are living in.  You never know the ripple effect that even one share might have! 😉

For the sake of Christ and His now and coming Kingdom, thank you and may God bless you!

Latest post: “C/E Spiritual Theory” – A Scriptural Case Study (Part 2)

New page added: C/EST

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Following Him who is the Way; learning of Him who is the Truth; living by Him who is the Life. - John 14:6
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  1. Lloyd says:

    Gotcha, David! I’ve shared your blog with several folks…I have no idea if they are following; I don’t need to know, either😉

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