This “Affirmations” series was initially written as a personal spiritual exercise for the New Year of 2011.  My purpose was to write down my core convictions concerning “Christ-centered Christianity” in their most elemental form so that I could, in clarity and simplicity, renew my commitment to them in the coming year.   That was a year before I began blogging, and was meant solely for my own personal benefit at the time.

At the beginning of 2016, I revisited them again, and not only was blessed in re-reading them, but also felt that they would make a fitting complement to the contents of this blog.  I revised them slightly for my blogging audience, then, and published them over the first half of 2016.

There is much that stands behind these condensed expressions of faith, and so my hope is that those of you who have followed this blog will find in them a concise and confirming expression of what has been published on this blog over the years.

For those of you who are new to this blog, I hope that you may be inspired by them in their simplicity, and also be motivated to dig a little deeper into the content of this blog in order to find a greater depth of what lies behind them.

I warmly invite you, then, to enjoy the first, introductory post which gives the spiritual as well as the personal background to this series of “Affirmations”.

~ ~ ~

“Affirmations” Introduced

Affirmations (1) – The Eternal Purpose, Christ, and the Church

Affirmations (2) – Christ the Unrivaled Center of the Church

Affirmations (3) – Christ the Unifying Identity of the Church

Affirmations (4) – Christ the Sole Foundation of the Church

Affirmations (5) – Christ the Uncontested Head of the Church

Affirmations (6) – End-Time Remnant Restoration

Affirmations (7) – My Commitments

“Affirmations” – A Final Word