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Following Him who is the Way; learning of Him who is the Truth; living by Him who is the Life. - John 14:6

Neither Here Nor There (#worshipshort)

There is a great deception in the Church today that embraces the mindset that if an assembly of believers merely does the externals of “worship” well, they’re doing worship well. Across the landscape of Christianity there are vastly different ideas … Continue reading

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What Is the Father Seeking? (#worshipshort)

The all-pervasive atmosphere of heaven is, and always will be, one of unrelenting, passionate worship.  The only reason this all-consuming environment of adoration exists is because of the Triune God who sits enthroned at the center of it all.  The … Continue reading

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Blog Update: Introducing “Shorts” (plus two new free resources added)

Hi friends, I’m sending out an update today to share with you about a “course change” I feel to make here on Christ-Centered Christianity.  For the past decade that I’ve been blogging, I’ve felt a burden to write out and … Continue reading

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The “Love”-“Hate” Relationship – Conclusion: Loving God With All Our Heart (drawing/unifying effect)

We’ve seen in this series that love is a costly, sacrificial matter, but if all that we are left with is that which is costly and sacrificial, not many of us would be drawn to or endure long at loving … Continue reading

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