Excerpts from “The Ultimate Intention” (2) – by Devern Fromke

“The question is: what is the yardstick for measuring whether we are fulfilling or falling short of God’s purposes? We can only be in full harmony with the Father as we are dedicated to a living for the same thing: HIS ULTIMATE INTENTION.” (Chap. 6, pg. 49)

“…What a glorious unveiling—almost beyond our comprehension. To think that the Father hath purposed in Himself to make Christ the center of His working. The altogether lovely One, His Son, is to have the pre-eminence.

Knowing this ultimate intention for the Son we can better understand the Father’s intention for His many sons who make up Christ’s Body.

Now we can recognize that whatever comes short of revealing that which the Father ultimately intends for His Son is just short—it needs to be rectified, brought into harmony. Looking out from His Father-heart we now have the ultimate yardstick by which we can measure things which fulfill or fall short of the Father’s intention. Everything that harmonizes with this has His approval.”  (Chap. 6, pg. 50)

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