Excerpt from “One New Man” – by T. Austin-Sparks

Not Things, but Christ

“It pleased God to reveal His Son” – that is the comprehensive object. In Him all the purposes and ways and intentions of God are gathered up. God does not show things to His people, He shows His Son. He does not show truths; with God no one truth is an abstract thing. It is personal. Christianity has become a system of abstract truths, the truths of the Gospel. God ever presents His Son, and the truths in relation to a living Person, never out of such relation. If we see the Lord by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, we have seen everything related to our salvation, related to our sanctification, related to our vocation, and related to our glorification. It is all in seeing Christ. The recovery of the original spiritual vitality and freshness and power will only come along this line – a new revelation in an inward way, in a living way, of the significance of the Lord Jesus. That means much more than it sounds in a statement, because there is nothing of significance beside Him. The very significance of this universe is centred in God’s Son. “All things have been created through him and unto him” (Col. 1:16); He is the significance of all things. All time has its significance in Him – “He is before all things” (Col. 1:17). To see the meaning of the Lord Jesus is to be out of everything earthbound, timebound, fleshbound. You cannot see the Lord Jesus and be limited to any of the things of this old creation.


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