Excerpts From “God’s Plan and the Overcomer” – by Watchman Nee

“God works with a definite goal in mind. Yet what is the goal of our labor? We need to have vision before we can have the goal of labor. Unless we see the centrality of God our work will be without aim.

The truths of God are all organically related. There is a center towards which all truths are focused.

Some may decide on the centrality of their work according to personal inclination and circumstantial need. But the predetermination and need of God ought to be our center.

What is the centrality of God? What is the thread that is woven through all the truths of God? What is God’s overall truth?”

“The center of God’s truths is Christ. The centrality of God is none other than Christ—“The mystery of God, even Christ,” wrote Paul. A mystery is that which is hidden in God’s heart. Never before had God told anyone why He created all things, including mankind. For a long time it remained a mystery. Later on, however, God revealed this mystery to Paul so that he might explain it. And this mystery, explained the apostle, is Christ.” (Pt. One, pgs. 9-10)

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Author’s Page

“God’s Plan and the Overcomers” – online

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2 Responses to Excerpts From “God’s Plan and the Overcomer” – by Watchman Nee

  1. Harrison says:

    I’m enjoying the teachings of watchman nee


    • david bolton says:

      Welcome, Harrison. I’m glad you’re enjoying these excerpts of Nee’s. His is a strong testimony of God’s centered focus upon His Son in all things. May you find similar richness in the other authors highlighted here as well. The combined witness of these godly men is compelling.
      God bless you!


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