Creative Expressions

Below are links to some creative expressions in the form of song lyrics and poetry. Each of these has been selected for its representation of a specific facet of the focus and burden of this blog. Sometimes eternally profound things are best captured by the creative spirit. I pray that you are enriched by them.

Original Poems / Songs  – Lyrics and some recordings included
(Follow to separate page with links.)

Poems of Evan Bolton – (Follow to his own page with links.)

Other Poetry:

A Mountain Tree – by Loyal Marion Thompson

This short poem captures the costly reality of those who would seek to know and walk in the heavenly vision of the Lord. It was first introduced to me in a printed tract called “Vision” by Wade E. Taylor, the former president of Pinecrest Bible Training Center, where I attended in the mid-eighties to 1990. (The entirety of “Vision” can be read here.)

“The Blind Men and the Elephant” – by John G. Saxe

This poem is an excellent parable for believers when considered in light of Christ and His Body. We all have a part of the fullness of Christ, but only a part. We need each other to know, possess and express all of Him. We serve an immense Christ. (With video narration link)

“The Calf Path” – by Sam Walter Foss

I originally read this in “Pagan Christianity” by Frank Viola (original printing). It is an excellent poem showing how traditions develop and shape the course of future generations. When applied to church history, and the traditions and culture of the church, it speaks volumes! (With narrated video link)

“The Call of Deep Unto Deep” – by John Wright Follette

This poem is found in “Broken Bread”, a collection of writings and poems by John Wright Follette, a man of great spiritual stature and depth. It captures the essence of our deep longing for God, of His deep longing for us, and of Christ, God’s Answer to that eternal yearning.

“The Tide is Sure to Win” – by Priscilla Leonard

I first read this poem some twenty years ago in a little book called “Another Wave of Revival”,  by Frank Bartleman. (I also have an excerpt from this book here.) This poem captures the truth of the steady advancement of the “tide” of God’s purpose, even though the individual  “waves” of His movements  throughout history, in themselves, may not fully accomplish His desire. The “tide” is still coming in!

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