“The Word/Echoes” – poem by David Bolton


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Spirit o’er deep darkness broods
Waiting to birth forth the sun
Earth and sky and all that moves
Expressions of the Speaking One

Ancient echoes now commence
Resoundings of an unheard Word
Prophets each their message send
Sublime whispers to be heard

Prophet Sun and Prophet Moon
Prophet Ocean, Sky and Land
Prophet Eagle, Ox and Lion
Crowning all, Prophet Man

Over vale and mountain peak
As far as eye and mind traverse
All creation hears their speech
The Word-incarnate universe

~ ~ ~

The Spirit o’er deep darkness broods
Waiting to birth forth the Son
Deep in virgin, peasant womb
In silence forms the Speaking One

The Primal Voice that heavens shaped
Bears the earthy tone of man
An infant’s cry, a boyish laugh
A Teacher’s warm and wise command

Prophets all who’ve gone before
Faint echoings compared to this
The Word in full and final form
The carpenter of Nazareth

Were all recorded of this Word
The world could not contain the scrolls
With every movement seen or heard
The Father’s glory men behold

And in one climax utterance
All other tongues are mute to say
The Word nailed high upon a cross
God’s Love declared and on display

~ ~ ~

The Spirit o’er deep darkness broods
Waiting to birth many sons
Kind of kind to reproduce
Offspring of the Speaking One

The Seed that fell into the earth
Dead and dormant in disguise
Quickened new with Heaven’s breath
Lives again and multiplies

The Seed imperishable remains
Birthing echoes of the Word
The Voice incarnate forms again
Living epistles to be heard

The Word now runs on feet of clay
To the ends of all the earth
The Message heard both night and day
Displaying forth incarnate truth

~ ~ ~

The Word created, and became
And He is becoming still
Flesh embodying the Name
The glory of the Father’s Will

© David Bolton, 2013

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