“For This Heart Beats…” – by Evan Bolton

* * *

What is this place                         we find ourselves in?

A canvas of green grass and         skies painted blue. There must

Be more than their simple hue. At night everything we know turns dark

But what remains is a glimmering spark. The moon and the stars provide a

Calming hush; for there must be something at work much bigger than us. You

Sing a song and we whisper back. For this heart, it beats for something. All this

Can’t be for nothing. The sun comes and goes with shades of red. It makes me

Think we’re not yet left for dead. What is all this, what does it mean? What

Is this beauty and glory unseen? If only we were not so weak so blind,

Without this loss of heart and state of mind. How long until this

Voice speaks clearly? How long until we can truly see? Do

You hear my whispers, my broken prayer? This empty

Vessel and distant stare? What gives a bird the

Right to soar? What is that voice within

The oceans roar? You sing a song

And I sing it too. For This

Heart, it beats for

 Something. It

Beats for



©2007 by Evan Bolton


Poems of Evan Bolton

Creative Expressions

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