“Good” – by Evan Bolton


* * *

We stand and marvel at what is to come.

A head, body and feet ready to run.

We look ahead and consider,

We sit back and wonder.

Who am I, and who are you?

There is more that lies behind the sky so blue.

What is the voice that cries?

This hope that begins to rise?

It is a name and an empty form,

That exceeds the one devoured by the worm.

It speaks out and declares my worth,

A call that has been present since birth.

It says that I am very good.

An identity that always should,

Be ringing in my ears.

For it silences all my fears.

I am created wonderfully,

My frame was assembled fearfully.

It is a truth my soul knows well.

A truth that breaks the ancient spell,

The lie that says I am nothing.

And condemns the dead and dying.

But there is life that lies within,

Inside the one whose life did win.

For upon the cross a shout was given,

A crying plea to see the forgiven.

For through that cry there came a grace,

That restores us to that fateful place.

To a time where our hearts were true,

A place where a desire grew.

To see the one in whose image we were formed.

In whose love and mercy we now stand adorned.

For once again the word has been spoken,

Goodness and beauty shall be our crowning token.

-Evan Bolton


* * *


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