“The Image We Bear” – by Evan Bolton


Nothing but this single stone on which to stand

As I look out upon this dry and broken land

But clothed in nakedness, I feel nothing but the eyes on me

Nothing but the broken shards of the image we were created to be

The life you intended, abandonedness, beauty, love and trust

Have been taken captive by, drunkenness, hate, violence and lust

The waves that once lapped upon the distant shores

Are ripped and torn from memories of battle and wars

But what is this? Is this beauty in disguise?

This glimmer that appears in the distant skies

The moon, the stars, and the song they sing

The hope, the peace, the love you bring

Yet all who live are beaten and battered

The image we bear all but shattered

But what is that feature that sits in flight?

Its beating wings all painted white

What is this thing, this gentle bird?

Being chased by a barbaric hoard

Yet it continues to fly without any care

With all the land burned and bare

Except for one splintered tree

Broken and twisted into a simple T

The dove finds it the perfect place on which to sit

And right then something pulled the demonic bit

The dark hoard scattered and flew

For through the dove all was made new

What is this, this mended mirror?

And what is the image that reappears?


©2012 by Evan Bolton


Poems of Evan Bolton

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