“This Is Who I Am” – by Evan Bolton

 * * *

Through a pile of dirt he longed to see,

The likenesses of him come to be.

So with life given and purpose formed,

Man arose in grace adorned.

The image of God in flesh he stood,

A sight his father said was good.

And to him was given dominion over all,

Quite a height from which to slip and fall.

For with one misstep the image broke,

A whole new chapter already wrote.

So with their identity gone they meekly hid,

Naked and ashamed over what they did.

And from hiding they rose clothed with leaves,

A sight with which the father’s heart grieves.

So from the garden they left in haste,

The image they held a shattered waste.

Although never far from the fathers heart gone,

A promise of hope that carried on.

A promise of restoration back to the same,

A promise fulfilled when the Son of Man came.

For with his cross he chose to stand,

And through his death he washed my hands.

For the price he came to pay,

Has given me the means to humbly say.

This is who I am and this is who I’ll be,

A child of God for all to see.

-Evan Bolton



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