“What Was Done Through the Life That He Gave” – by Evan Bolton

* * *

What was done through the life he gave

A solemn promise to simply save

All the lost of his flock

Those that laugh and mock

That spit and scorn

And give a robe and crown of thorns

To their once hailed King

Whose robes they grasp and cling

They pull and tear

His blood soaked hair

And then there are those that look on with tears

Their faces marked with looks of fears

Yet through the crowd they continue on

With their hearts far from gone

And with cup in hand their intentions ring

A hope to stop and refresh the King

But on he stumbled

With not one word wasted or mumbled

Laboring on with a load he could barely shoulder

His steps strengthened by the words of his father

So on he went

His body torn and rent

Up the hill he humbly climbed

As angels in heaven joined and chimed

For in strength he climbed the hill

His mind set on an unpaid bill

Slipping on rocks and mud

Ground soon to be stained with blood

So on a tree he chose to pay

And gave us the means to come and stay

For on that tree he sat and hung

His last breathe all but sung

When he burst out his final pleas

A hope to see the hearts of all of these

With a final breathe his head lay to rest

Gone to prepare a place for his coming guests

But the Prince of Darkness took his prize

Not seeing the raging skies

So with the Son of Man’s life spent

The temple shook and veil rent

But in three days he rose again

Providing a place for weary men

Upon a road traveled by a single man

And through heavens spotless lamb

The wrath of God was fully met

And the reality of that day in stone was set

The cross the blood, the cries the pain

With the Father they all remain


©2008 by Evan Bolton


Poems of Evan Bolton

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