“Christ Our Life” – Free worship songs/resources

Christ Our Life, a fellowship of believers in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, has written and recorded some beautiful acoustic worship songs and offer them for free download. Most of these are Scripture-based, contemplative worship songs that carry a rich anointing and bear the sweet fragrance of Christ.  They are simply-produced by a local expression of the ekklesia and can serve well as worship material for simple, organic fellowships as well as in institutional settings. Lyric and chord sheets are available for free download on their site for most of the songs as well.

Here are some audio and video playlists of their material. I hope you enjoy!

Please visit their website and other links below for more songs and worship/teaching resources:

YouTube  YouTube Channel

RSS  Worship Podcast

Christ Our Life – website


[Posted with written confirmation of permission to use.  Their statement for use of material on http://www.christourlife.ca is as follows: “You are welcome to make additional copies of the material on this website for free distribution to others. You may also use the material at your places of fellowship.  The copies must be in their entirety and their meanings may not be changed. All other forms of distribution and reproduction are prohibited.” ]


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2 Responses to “Christ Our Life” – Free worship songs/resources

  1. Chris Hall says:

    We cant get to website its like these guys dissapeared?


    • David Bolton says:

      Hi Chris, I checked the links on the post and they were all working fine for me. I noticed that the website has been updated with a different look, but the content is all there, and the address is the same. I hope you’re able to navigate to it and find some treasures! I’ve been blessed by their music and ministry! Shalom!


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