A First Century Message to Twentieth Century Christians – by G. Campbell Morgan (free audiobook)


A First Century Message to Twentieth Century Christians

G. Campbell MORGAN (1863 – 1945)

G. Campbell Morgan was one of the leading evangelical preachers of his day. He began preaching at age 13 and by age 26 was teaching at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. He returned to England in 1904 to become pastor at Westminster Chapel in London. He was a contemporary and friend Martyn Lloyd-Jones, F. B. Meyer and Charles Spurgeon.

In this book, Morgan examines the letters to the seven churches of Asia which begin the book of Revelation in the New Testament.  Over 1900 years have passed, and yet our churches today face many of the same temptations, struggles and challenges as those faced by these first century believers.  Morgan brings home how the messages of Jesus to these early churches are equally applicable to our churches today.  Would our own church receive Jesus’ praise? Or does our church need to answer Jesus’ call to repent and return to true worship?  (Introduction by MaryAnn)

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Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 1 – Introductory MaryAnn 00:08:28
Play 02 2 – The Vision and the Voice MaryAnn 00:20:40
Play 03 3 – The Ephesus Letter MaryAnn 00:32:54
Play 04 4 – The Smyrna Letter MaryAnn 00:35:33
Play 05 5 – The Pergamum Letter MaryAnn 00:35:31
Play 06 6 – The Thyatira Letter MaryAnn 00:32:00
Play 07 7 – The Sardis Letter MaryAnn 00:29:50
Play 08 8 – The Philadelphia Letter MaryAnn 00:32:34
Play 09 9 – The Laodicea Letter MaryAnn 00:45:59


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