Godliness – by Catherine Booth (free audiobook)



Catherine BOOTH (1829 – 1890)

Catherine Booth and William Booth were a ministry team founding the Salvation Army, which has spread from its humble beginnings in England to a global church with a presence in 131 countries and a membership of 1.7 million. Although best known to many people for its relief and charitable work, the Salvation Army is at its core a church from the Wesleyan tradition. Partly due the strong leadership from Catherine Booth, women are encouraged to participate fully in the ministry to the highest levels. In this book Catherine Booth’s writing touches on the basics of faith – repentance, faith, charity and prayer. The book concludes with a series of addresses on holiness, the cardinal doctrine of Holiness churches. – Summary by Larry Wilson

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Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Prefaces and Introduction Larry Wilson 00:13:42
Play 01 Chapter 1 Repentance Ellies 00:21:33
Play 02 Chapter 2 Saving Faith Ellies 00:32:37
Play 03 Chapter 3 Charity Ellies 00:15:05
Play 04 Chapter 4 Charity and Rebuke Kathleen Moore 00:17:25
Play 05 Chapter 5 Charity and Conflict Kathleen Moore 00:23:52
Play 06 Chapter 6 Charity and Loneliness Kathleen Moore 00:27:36
Play 07 Chapter 7 Conditions of Effectual Prayer Devorah Allen 00:23:37
Play 08 Chapter 8 The Perfect Heart Aidan Williamson 00:18:53
Play 09 Chapter 9 How to Work for God with Success Beth Thomas (1974-2020) 00:26:55
Play 10 Chapter 10 Enthusiasm and Full Salvation mpcarlisle 00:07:37
Play 11 Chapter 11 Hindrances to Holiness Mari Patterson 00:09:27
Play 12 Chapter 12 Addresses on Holiness: First Address Ellies 00:15:03
Play 13 Chapter 12 Addresses on Holiness: Second Address Christine Coleman 00:12:22
Play 14 Chapter 12 Addresses on Holiness: Third Address pattymarie 00:09:27
Play 15 Chapter 12 Addresses on Holiness: Fourth Address Ellies 00:13:18