Paul the Dauntless – by Basil Joseph Matthews (free audiobook)


Paul the Dauntless

Basil Joseph MATHEWS (1879 – 1951)

“We shall in this book try to go in the footsteps of Paul. It will not be all easy traveling for any of us, to journey with this daring explorer of the Unseen; there is some steep hill-climbing, some scrambling over boulders, long flat tramps over the plain, and dangerous sea-journeys for anyone who will attempt really to follow the life of this man whose eager brain was ever ‘Voyaging on strange seas of thought/Alone!’ But, if you will … trudge by him till you really know him, you will have found for yourself one of the great companions of the world.” (From the Introduction)

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Play 00 Introduction and Prologue David Leeson 00:16:50
Play 01 The Tribe of the Youngest Son David Leeson 00:03:48
Play 02 The Loom of the Tent-Maker David Leeson 00:22:09
Play 03 On the Caravan Road David Leeson 00:12:28
Play 04 The Golden Age David Leeson 00:12:59
Play 05 “Whom Say Ye That I Am?” David Leeson 00:08:29
Play 06 The Scourge of the Nazarenes David Leeson 00:14:56
Play 07 The Great Adventure David Leeson 00:10:44
Play 08 The Untravelled World David Leeson 00:12:37
Play 09 The Two Escapes David Leeson 00:13:08
Play 10 The Queen of the East David Leeson 00:13:52
Play 11 The Call Abroad David Leeson 00:09:03
Play 12 The Island Adventure David Leeson 00:17:44
Play 13 From Lowland to Highland David Leeson 00:16:59
Play 14 Worshiped and Stoned David Leeson 00:13:21
Play 15 The Return Journey David Leeson 00:11:11
Play 16 The Decisive Battle David Leeson 00:13:45
Play 17 Finding a Son David Leeson 00:18:17
Play 18 Westward Ho! David Leeson 00:11:00
Play 19 The Shout of the Slave Girl David Leeson 00:12:56
Play 20 Earthquake David Leeson 00:08:37
Play 21 The Goad of God David Leeson 00:10:44
Play 22 The Sea of Islands David Leeson 00:09:27
Play 23 The Scorn of Athens David Leeson 00:17:26
Play 24 The Challenge to Corinth David Leeson 00:16:52
Play 25 “Lone on the Land, and Homeless on the Water” David Leeson 00:22:59
Play 26 The Defiance of Artemis David Leeson 00:27:38
Play 27 The Foiled Plot David Leeson 00:16:13
Play 28 “One Who Marched Breast Forward” David Leeson 00:16:01
Play 29 “Away With Him” David Leeson 00:20:09
Play 30 “I Appeal To Caesar!” David Leeson 00:15:35
Play 31 The King and the Man in Chains David Leeson 00:11:43
Play 32 The Typhoon David Leeson 00:07:33
Play 33 Shipwreck David Leeson 00:11:29
Play 34 The “Castor and Pollux” David Leeson 00:09:42
Play 35 On the Appian Way David Leeson 00:09:39
Play 36 Mightier Than the Sword and Epilogue David Leeson 00:22:27
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