Spiritual Maxims – by Brother Lawrence (free audiobook)


Spiritual Maxims

Brother LAWRENCE (1614 – 1691)

Those who have an experiential predisposition in their faith would do well to read The Conversations and Letters of Brother Lawrence… if they have not done so already. This is a lesser-known work, often overlooked. These Spiritual Maxims were manuscripts found amongst the aforementioned Letters and also written by Brother Lawrence himself. The Maxims are different from the letters — the careful arrangement adopted suggests matured thought and the inference is not unreasonable that he intended them to sum up his teachings.The reader apologises for the unworthiness of his delivery… the English itself was difficult enough to read and the ancient punctuation had more commas than full stops. My sometimes stilted delivery is caused by me being partially-sighted and having to read everything in short sections. (Introduction by the reader)

Play01 1 Spiritual Maxims Anonymous English Quaker 00:03:00
Play02 2 Of Necessary Practices for Attaining the Spiritual Life Anonymous English Quaker 00:05:36
Play03 3 Of Union of the Soul with God Anonymous English Quaker 00:05:18
Play04 4 Of The Presence of God Anonymous English Quaker 00:04:02
Play05 5 Of Means for Attaining unto the Presence of God Anonymous English Quaker 00:03:38
Play06 6 The Benefits of the Presence of God Anonymous English Quaker 00:04:12

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