The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life – by Hannah Whitall Smith (free audiobook)

The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life

Hannah Whitall SMITH (1832 – 1911)

This Christian book is written in an easy and understandable way, where the strong biblical points are clear and applicable. The richness of the truths explained, will make one want to listen to it over and over again. The book writes about our part and God’s part in the Christian life. It also reveal many secrets to the Christian life. “Today it is your happy privilege to prove, as never before, your loyal confidence in the Lord by starting out with Him on a life and walk of faith, lived moment by moment in absolute and childlike trust in Him.” quote from the book. It is a must listen to Christian classic. (Summary by peppersnoodles93)

Play00 00 – Preface and Poem Jeff Chesnut 00:05:29
Play01 01 – Is It Scriptural? Jeff Chesnut 00:22:01
Play02 02 – God’s Side and Man’s Side Jeff Chesnut 00:21:23
Play03 03 – The Life Defined Jeff Chesnut 00:15:49
Play04 04 – How to Enter in Jeff Chesnut 00:22:04
Play05 05 – Difficulties concerning Consecration Jeff Chesnut 00:19:37
Play06 06 – Difficulties concerning Faith Jeff Chesnut 00:19:05
Play07 07 – Difficulties concerning the Will Jeff Chesnut 00:24:14
Play08 08 – Difficulties concerning Guidance Jeff Chesnut 00:28:34
Play09 09 – Difficulties concerning Doubts Greg Giordano 00:20:56
Play10 10 – Difficulties concerning Temptation Greg Giordano 00:16:05
Play11 11 – Difficulties concerning Failures Greg Giordano 00:25:54
Play12 12 – Is God in Everything? Elizabeth Ramsey 00:15:39
Play13 13 – Bondage or Liberty Jeff Chesnut 00:27:56
Play14 14 – Growth Jeff Chesnut 00:28:17
Play15 15 – Service Jeff Chesnut 00:24:30
Play16 16 – Practical Results in Daily Life Jeff Chesnut 00:23:13
Play17 17 – The Joy of Obedience Jeff Chesnut 00:18:54
Play18 18 – Divine Union Jeff Chesnut 00:20:18
Play19 19 – The Chariots of God Jeff Chesnut 00:18:32
Play20 20 – The Life on Wings Jendia 00:23:00

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