The Essentials of Prayer – by E. M. Bounds (free audiobook)


The Essentials of Prayer

Edward M. BOUNDS (1835 – 1913)

The Sunday School Times says of the author, “he was a specialist in prayer and his books are for the quiet hour, for careful meditation and for all who wish to seek and find the treasures of God.” This book is a ready helper for those who want to follow his path, with more and better communication with the Lord. (Summary by Editor & Reader)

Play00 00 – Foreword Elsa Gallo 00:02:01
Play01 01 – Prayer Takes in the Whole Man Elsa Gallo 00:17:21
Play02 02 – Prayer and Humility Elsa Gallo 00:16:00
Play03 03 – Prayer and Devotion Elsa Gallo 00:16:30
Play04 04 – Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving Elsa Gallo 00:16:44
Play05 05 – Prayer and Trouble Elsa Gallo 00:23:09
Play06 06 – Prayer and Trouble (Continued) Elsa Gallo 00:12:51
Play07 07 – Prayer and God’s Work Elsa Gallo 00:20:55
Play08 08 – Prayer and Consecration Elsa Gallo 00:21:25
Play09 09 – Prayer and a Definite Religious Standard Elsa Gallo 00:14:32
Play10 10 – Prayer Born of Compassion Elsa Gallo 00:16:28
Play11 11 – Concerted Prayer Elsa Gallo 00:17:24
Play12 12 – The Universality of Prayer Elsa Gallo 00:13:25
Play13 13 – Prayer and Missions Elsa Gallo 00:25:27

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Genre(s): Religion, Christianity – Other
Language: English
Running Time: 3:54:12
Zip file size: 112.4MB
Catalog date: 2012-07-02
Read by: Elsa Gallo
Book Coordinator: Elsa Gallo
Meta Coordinator: TriciaG
Proof Listener: MaryAnnS

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