The Practice of the Presence of God – by Brother Lawrence (free audiobook)


The Practice of the Presence of God

Brother LAWRENCE (1614 – 1691)

The Practice of the Presence of God is a collection of letters and transcriptions of conversations, compiled by a disciple of Brother Lawrence. Brother Lawrence was a Carmelite monk and head cook in his monastery’s kitchens. He quickly gained an international reputation as a mystic and spiritual counselor. The Practice of the Presence records his last words of advice to his friends and disciples, as he suffered from an unnamed illness which would eventually take his life. (Description written by Kirsten Ferreri.)

Play01 First Conversation Kirsten Ferreri 00:04:02
Play02 Second Conversation Kirsten Ferreri 00:07:34
Play03 Third Conversation Kirsten Ferreri 00:03:48
Play04 Fourth Conversation Kirsten Ferreri 00:08:47
Play05 First Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:03:32
Play06 Second Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:08:22
Play07 Third Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:02:33
Play08 Fourth Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:04:54
Play09 Fifth Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:02:50
Play10 Sixth Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:02:58
Play11 Seventh Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:02:39
Play12 Eight Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:02:26
Play13 Ninth Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:03:05
Play14 Tenth Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:02:04
Play15 Eleventh Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:03:53
Play16 Twelfth Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:02:23
Play17 Thirteenth Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:02:21
Play18 Fourteenth Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:02:14
Play19 Fifteenth Letter Kirsten Ferreri 00:02:49

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