The Holiest of All – by Andrew Murray (free audiobook sample)


The Holiest of All

Andrew MURRAY (1828 – 1917)

“The Holiest of All” is a devotional exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews. It was written towards the end of the nineteenth century and has since become a classic. Its pages lead the reader into a practical understanding of who Christ is, the power of his finished work on the Cross and his present intercession for believers. The author demonstrates how it is only a full understanding of who Jesus is and what he does for us that can bring us into a full and complete Christian life. (Summary by Christopher Smith)

 [Note: This book is an exposition of the entire Epistle to the Hebrews and contains 130 chapters in all.  I have only uploaded the section which covers Andrew Murray’s exposition of the first two chapters of the epistle as a sample of this excellent work. The entire book may be accessed on the Librivox website here, and may also be downloaded through the links on the lower part of this page. -David Bolton]

Play00 000 – Preface and Introduction Christopher Smith 00:23:52
Play01 001 – The Son In Whom God Hath Spoken Christopher Smith 00:09:24
Play02 002 – The Son – More Than The Prophets Christopher Smith 00:08:10
Play03 003 – The Son – The Glory Of His Person Christopher Smith 00:08:26
Play04 004 – The Son – The Glory Of His Work Christopher Smith 00:08:01
Play05 005 – The Son – A More Excellent Name Christopher Smith 00:08:10
Play06 006 – The Son – The Only Begotten Christopher Smith 00:08:32
Play07 007 – The Son – Himself God Christopher Smith 00:07:54
Play08 008 – The Son – The Everlasting Creator Christopher Smith 00:08:14
Play09 009 – The Son – On The Right Hand Of God Christopher Smith 00:08:33
Play10 010 – The Danger Of Neglecting So Great Salvation Christopher Smith 00:08:50
Play11 011 – The World Made Subject To Man, Not To Angels Christopher Smith 00:08:11
Play12 012 – We See Jesus Crowned With Glory And Honour Christopher Smith 00:08:16
Play13 013 – Jesus Tasting Death For Every Man Christopher Smith 00:07:26
Play14 014 – The Leader Of Our Salvation Christopher Smith 00:08:31
Play15 015 – For Whom And Through Whom Are All Things Christopher Smith 00:07:58
Play16 016 – Jesus Calls Us Brethren Christopher Smith 00:08:01
Play17 017 – That He Might Bring To Naught The Devil Christopher Smith 00:08:13
Play18 018 – A High Priest Able To Succour Christopher Smith 00:08:27
Play19 019 – Consider Jesus Christopher Smith 00:06:52

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