PAGAN CHRISTIANITY? – by Frank Viola and George Barna (PDF – sample)


I want to highlight and highly commend to the readers of this blog the classic book, Pagan Christianity? by Frank Viola and George Barna.

In this work, the authors trace back to their roots most of the major modern-day practices that define the Protestant/Evangelical “church”.  It is a history that we must know if we are going to rightly understand the Christian Church today, and attempt to return to a New Testament, Biblical expression of the Ekklesia.

Frank and George have done the “heavy lifting” of the research for us, and offer it in a very accessible, engaging style.  It is also offered from a Christ-centered perspective, so that the analysis and conclusions drawn are done so in the framework of God’s eternal purpose for the Church.

The authors are offering a free sampling of the book in PDF download which includes the Preface, Introduction and first chapter.  This is available by following the link below to where it is offered on NoiseTrade.

I especially want to commend this resource in conjunction with the series on this blog, “Tradition, Scripture and the Church“.  (I actually lead off that series with a “pre-series post” of the poem found in the beginning of Pagan Christianity? called: “The Calf-Path” – by Sam Walter Foss.)  In the series, I dig deeply into both the place and power (psychologically and sociologically) of TRADITION in the Church, especially as it relates to the two movements that will mark the Church in the last days: “apostasy” and “restoration”.  That series is one of the most substantial and significant on this blog and it lays the foundation for our approach to and understanding of tradition and church practice.  Pagan Christianity? fills out the picture by giving the historical details and developments of many of these traditions.  It is eye-opening!

To access the free PDF sample of Pagan Christianity? on NoiseTrade,

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Listed below are some links to additional Pagan Christianity? web pages, some of Frank Viola’s ministry sites and a brief bio.  George Barna’s website is also listed below.

Pagan Christianity?’s Home web page (with full ordering and related resource information.)

Pagan Christianity? Amazon page  (including editorial and customer reviews.)

Christ is All podcast page on Beyond Evangelical   (Frank’s podcast) – with various podcast server options. 

The Deeper Journey – Frank’s “Official Landing Page”.

A brief bio excerpt from The Deeper Journey/About page:

“Frank Viola Author has helped thousands of people around the world to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and enter into a more vibrant and authentic experience of church. He has written many books on these themes, including Jesus Now, God’s Favorite Place on Earth and From Eternity to Here.

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Barna Group – George Barna’s home page.


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