PRINCIPLES Book (Complete – PDF, mp3 and more)

This book is the collaborative work of over 100 brothers and sisters, from many different nations and backgrounds, and is a clarion call to the Church to return to her Christ-centered, New Testament roots and expression in these last days.  It is, likewise, a sobering call to prepare the Church for the coming global persecution which is prophesied at the end of the age.  (Matt.24:9)

In response to Gospel Fellowships’ invitation to host the complete PDF and mp3 book on my blog, I have, with their permission, reproduced the Principles Book‘s download page from their website.  This page has all of the links needed to access both the print and audio versions of it, along with links to all formats it is being offered in.  (Please see below.)

highly recommend this book as one of the most Christ-centered, comprehensive and spiritually practical books on the Church that I have read in a long time.  It not only communicates the truth concerning the life and practice of the New Testament Church, but also the spirit of the New Testament Church comes across powerfully through its pages.  In addition, it’s testimonies and insights from the underground churches in China, North Korea and Iran are powerful, convicting and compelling.

I believe this is a strategic manual for the Church in this last day, given by the Spirit, to help prepare the Body of Christ for its end-time mission, as well as for the persecution that will undoubtedly accompany it.

The Church in the West desperately needs to hear this message…NOW!

Please take time to read and/or listen to this book! I assure you, you will be richly edified and challenged by its contents!  -David

For an introductory sample of one of its audio/video chapters, here is the YouTube post of Principle One.  (Keep scrolling beyond that to access the reproduced download page from their website, followed by a link to the complete audiobook in serialized playlists, and, finally, the full YouTube playlist.)

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A very special thanks to Gospel Fellowships for permission to host the Principles Book on this blog.

Please help to spread the word concerning this timely resource!  – Thank you.

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13 Responses to PRINCIPLES Book (Complete – PDF, mp3 and more)

  1. andre cilliers says:

    Greatest resource! How do i copy it to my blog-stepbystep, please?


  2. David Bolton says:

    Hi Andre,

    Glad to see this being hosted by other bloggers! Gospel Fellowships’ desire is that it be distributed in this decentralized way, which is such a blessing!

    To copy it to your blog from this page, you can select/highlight the section that you want to copy, i.e. the part that I copied from their webpage (when it was up), then copy and paste it into a new post or permanent page on your blog. All of the hyperlinks should transfer. You can then add your own words of introduction, or whatever you would like, and publish it.

    When you’re done, please send me a link here. I will also let Gospel Fellowships know for their encouragement.

    All blessings,


  3. Victor Abubakar says:

    This is a great resource of wisdom. Thank you for allowing the Master to impart you thereby imparting the world. You are blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.


    • David Bolton says:

      Hi Victor, I’m glad that this resource is a blessing to you. I am honored to be able to partner with Gospel Fellowships to help promote and facilitate it getting out to the Body of Christ. Please pass the links around to those in your circle of friends and fellowship. May our Lord richly bless you!


  4. Leigh_dePaor says:

    Thank you – I have also added the last 3 appendixes as PDF and combined into a single ZIP file for download –

    Liked by 1 person

    • David Bolton says:

      Thank you, Leigh, for supplying this ZIP file. I will upload those missing PDF’s of the Appendices to the page here and also provide the ZIP file for others to use. All blessings in Christ Jesus!


  5. Dyrell Hicks says:

    Principle 8 pdf link goes to principle 7. Can you correct that for us? Thanks


    • David Bolton says:

      Thanks for picking up on that, Dyrell. All set now. In checking, I also found that Principles 6 and 7 PDF links were also offset by one. You (and others) may want to go back and make sure you have everything you need now. My apologies for the confusion, and thanks again for pointing the problem out! All blessings!!


  6. Dyrell Hicks says:

    Thanks for sharing the files. They will be put to good use.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Dyrell Hicks says:

    Well duh. I just saw the zip file, after downloading them all one at at time. Oh well. At least I helped test and clean up the individual ones for you (us). Be blessed and thanks.
    We better start putting this stuff into practice. The time is now!

    See everyone in heaven one day. We’ll have to meet one millennia, when we get caught up worshipping 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  8. David Bolton says:

    Yes! the time is now!! Be faithful to the end, come what may! The Reunion awaits us!!


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