A teacher of mine in Bible school once said, “If something is worth saying once, it is worth saying again.”   This section of the blog, called “RTs” ( short for “re-tweets”), is a collection of Twitter posts that I feel are worth “saying again.”  I have grouped them by categories for your convenience and consideration.

On occasion, I have also taken one of these “tweets” as the basis for a regular blog post.  These I call “Expanded RTs“, and are linked to on the page by that name.

Other “RTs” that have related content on the blog have a linked asterisk (*) following them that will open up a separate tab to those posts/pages.

My hope is that these concise expressions of truth may also become discussion starters.  So if you come across something that especially strikes you and would like to comment, please do so.



The Cross

The Church

The Holy Spirit






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