Christ is all-sufficient.  He needs no supplements, and has no substitutes.

Jesus + nothing = Everything.

When we center in Christ, we center in the place where all fullness dwells.  Any other focus, no matter how significant, has limitations.

When Christ is the Center, and there are no personal agendas or sectarian interests involved, the stream of truth runs more purely!

In the “School of the Spirit” there are many “minors” but only one “major”.  Major in “Christ”, and then have your minors to complement Him.

It takes great enlargement to embrace the fullness of Christ in the fullness of the Body of Christ and not settle for a portion only.

Christ is the land of our inheritance.  We are the land of His.  May we each possess more of the richness of our inheritance this day.   *  **

The “preeminence of Christ in all things” is such an irreducibly simple truth that it is impossible to only partially “get it.”

If we are not centered where the Father is centered: in His Beloved Son, we are, simply stated, ECCENTRIC.  *

Whatever emphasis we may have in the Word or work of God it must never, ever, outshine God’s emphasis in His Word and work, Jesus Christ.

Making the Bible preeminent is just as dangerous as making the Spirit preeminent.  Only ONE is preeminent, and HE is the fullness of both.

Christ-centeredness always yields the Kingdom fruit of unity, fullness, purity, and balance. Always.

God has us right where He wants us… in Christ.  *

“…in Him all things hold together.” Col.1:17  True of the old creation, and the new creation.

We have been baptized not only “in” (“en”) the name of Jesus, but also “into” (“eis”) the name of Jesus.  We have been clothed with His NAME.  *

If we are baptized into and called by the Name above every name, why would we choose any lesser name (denom) to identify ourselves by?  Why??  *

When our identity gets bound up with something other than who we are in Christ, we embrace a subtle, yet significant form of idolatry.

Division simply comes from di-vision.  Until Christ becomes the single unifying vision of the Church, we shall ever be filled with di-vision.  *

Like spokes of a wheel, the closer they get to the hub the closer they get to each other.  Unity only comes when Christ is our shared center.  *

The Pattern of God’s House is a Person, not a paper plan.

The early church is not the Pattern for the Church but rather a model of the church being fashioned according to the Pattern, Jesus Christ.

IC (Institutional Church) vs. OC (Organic Church) is not the ultimate issue; Christ vs. Adam is… wherever they are found.

We should not seek to plant churches.  We should seek to plant Christ.  Christ is the Seed of the church, and its Stalk, Branches and Fruit.

Sanctification has more to do with Christ in me than with me in me.

Christ is an exceedingly better Christian than I am.  Because He is in me, I can stop striving and let Him be the “Christian” in me. Gal.2:20

The cross not only needs to kill our thinking too much of ourselves, it also needs to kill our thinking too little of who CHRIST is in us.

Christ is your rest because Christ is your work in you and for you.  Rest in Him “Today”.

Comparing the Bible as the WORD to Christ as the WORD is like comparing apples to Orchards!  The 1st = sufficient knowledge, the 2nd complete.

If a picture is worth a thousand words… then what is Incarnation worth??

If a “prophet” is not primarily testifying of Jesus, I have to question just how prophetic he or she is. Revelation 19:10

“The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Rev. 19:10  We can all prophesy now can’t we.

Following Christ as the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, we WALK in the LIGHT of LIFE.


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