The mystery of male and female derives its meaning from that which pre-dates Gen. 1 & 2, and post-dates Rev. 21 & 22; “…a great mystery.”

The greatest opportunity for making disciples is found in parenting.  The “great commission” begins right there.

When God knits your heart together with another, like Jonathan and David, look for God’s purpose to be bound up with it as it was with them.  *

Friendship is a sacred trust that must be diligently guarded as a precious gift from God.

When we hit a wall, in life or relationship, it is generally just the rise to the next step.  God wants to take us up to the next level.

Forgiveness is an inherent attribute of relationships that last.

Like spokes of a wheel, the closer they get to the hub the closer they get to each other.  Unity only comes when Christ is our shared center.

Unity is not gained by pursuing unity together. Unity is gained by pursuing Christ together.

“Ministry” comes in as many shapes and sizes as LOVE does.

It is a deception and a danger to love “the church” more than we love the brothers and sisters who are the church.

We “like” what we RECEIVE something of value from. We “love” what we GIVE something of value to.


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2 Responses to Relationship

  1. Pamela says:

    Wow, somehow landed on this page, David. Wow, lots of great quotes here. Especially love the first and last one. Thank you!


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