God blesses many things in spite of not because of.  If we don’t discern the difference, we’ll be deceived about what God truly desires.

Religion is a fairly good commentary on what God was doing yesterday.

We are called to gather as the Body of Christ but if the flesh isn’t crucified, we are merely gathering as the body of Adam to be religious.

Being the church 24/7 has been supplanted by “Going to church” 1.5/1 …and we call this normal!

Would we call a mass of puzzle pieces sitting in a box “assembled”?  If not, then why do we automatically call church services “assemblies”?  *

The Grave could not contain Him, how much less our man-made boxes.

Wind dies in a box.   [*Expanded RT]

To proclaim the Lordship of Christ to the nations while accepting and upholding a system lorded over by man is the epitome of hypocrisy.

Irony: Christian SECTS that claim that “the Bible is the only rule for faith and practice.”

“Annas and Caiaphas being the high priests (in “the system”), the word of God came unto John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness.” Hmmm.

It is one thing for the man to come out of the system; another for the system to come out of the man.  *

Man-centered preaching produces a spiritually self-centered people…the antithesis of true disciples of Jesus Christ.

We spend so much time praying and crying for REVIVAL.  Maybe we should stop and figure out why the Church is so dead in the first place.

A body severed from its head, dismembered, and atrophied can only be sustained by life-support and must continually pray for REVIVAL.

We need to stop praying for “REVIVAL”, and start praying for “NORMAL”.

God is not looking for spiritual heroes to highlight on a platform, but a fully functioning body under His headship to reveal His fullness.  *

The religious elites have created a spiritual welfare state which keeps them in power and the masses dependent on their programs & services.

Jesus told His followers not to use honorific titles when referring to religious leaders.  It’s right there in red and white!

With titles come en-title-ment. Jesus said, “…not so among you…” Luke 22:26

You never see “Apostle Paul” written in Scripture, only “Paul, an apostle…”  Paul knew who he was, but he didn’t capital “A” title himself.

Sectarian walls rise from sectarian foundations.  Christ, the Stone, has been rejected in favor of man-made stones.  Repentance must go deep.  *

Whenever something other than Christ is the primary emphasis of a ministry, no matter how good it may be, the ground of division is there.

Unity is not only “good and pleasant” (Ps. 133), it is also a fire that burns the roots of self and the chaff of theoretical religion.

One thing I can agree with Karl Marx on: “Religion… is the opium of the people.”  BUT, Jesus delivers from all forms of addiction.

The Word of God is mighty, indomitable, immovable… rivaled only by THE TRADITIONS OF MEN.  *


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