The Cross

The sufferings and death of Christ to us are a temporal, past event.  To I AM, in whom all time dwells, they are an eternal, present reality.  *

In the cross God triumphed over His enemies through self-assumed “weakness”, not inherent superior power.  How great is our God!  *

Jesus went to the cross and died that we might fully live in Him.  Now, we must go the cross and die that He may fully live in us.

The cross not only needs to kill our thinking too much of ourselves, it also needs to kill our thinking too little of who CHRIST is in us.

A Christ-centered fellowship cannot exist among self-centered people.  The cross is the ground of the church according to God’s mind.

We are called to gather as the Body of Christ but if the flesh isn’t crucified, we are merely gathering as the body of Adam to be religious.


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