The Holy Spirit

In “the School of the Spirit” there are many “minors” but only one “major”.  Major in “Christ”, and then have your minors to complement Him.  *

Making the Bible preeminent is just as dangerous as making the Spirit preeminent.  Only ONE is preeminent, and HE is the fullness of both.  *

Wind dies in a box.  *

When you’re going through the “wilderness”, you’d better have a “well” to drink from.  Those who only know the “rains” won’t survive.

“on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.” Gen.7:11 …a spiritual principle.

How do you discern between the Holy Spirit in worship and the “corporate spirit”?  The first kills the flesh, the second enlivens it.

The Spirit must fill the letter of the Word with spiritual substance for it to be life-giving.  Apart from the Spirit the letter is dead.

When we follow tradition, we’re led by the past.  When we follow pragmatism, we’re led by the future.  When we follow the Spirit, we’re led in the present.  (Romans 8:14) * **


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