When Christ is the Center, and there are no personal agendas or sectarian interests involved, the stream of truth runs more purely!

All truth, centered and summed up in Christ, is found in perfect “dynamic balance” in Him.  Nothing over-emphasized; nothing undervalued. *

Making the Bible preeminent is just as dangerous as making the Spirit preeminent. Only ONE is preeminent, and HE is the fullness of both.  *

Comparing the Bible as the WORD to Christ as the WORD is like comparing apples to Orchards! The 1st = sufficient knowledge, the 2nd complete.

Loving God with all of our mind involves much more than just cultivating our left hemisphere with Bible knowledge.

Approaching God analytically is on par with approaching music analytically. There’s a place, but that’s not how they are meant to be known.

Revelation is something that “ruins” you.  Once you see, you can’t go back.

Our deepest convictions should come from a positive response to Truth, not from a negative reaction to error or we will fall into new error. *

Pragmatism begins at the end of the process of truth, wisdom at the beginning. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  *

Believing truth and receiving truth are two different things.

There’s a vast difference between liking truth and loving truth.  Love esteems its object higher than itself and gives itself unreservedly.

“…true wisdom has two sides.”  God gave us 2 eyes & 2 ears to perceive w/ perspective & balance, & 1 mouth to speak with clarity & unity!

The supreme apologetic is love-based, not reason-based.  John 17:23

Eternal truth has no shelf-life.


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