Old covenant worship consisted in holy times, places, offices and laws.  New covenant worship transcends the shadow and is in spirit & truth.  *

The tithe of “the grain, the new wine and the oil” has a spiritual fulfillment.  Do you see it? Let’s move from the shadows to the substance.  *

As a royal priesthood we are each personally responsible for bearing the ark of His Presence on our shoulders.  That is God’s ordained way.

Worship in spirit and in truth has little to do with the crafted externals of man, but in inward reality expressed intimately to God.

Worship is not about who is on the stage, but Who is on the Throne.

How do you discern between the Holy Spirit in worship and the “corporate spirit”? The first kills the flesh, the second enlivens it.

The Lord uses the power of attraction to accomplish His purpose; the Enemy the power of distraction. Are we being attracted or distracted?

Who holds greater sway over how we “do church”, Christ or Constantine. By the way we worship, it seems Constantine wins. That must change!


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