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“Christocentricity/Eccentricity Spiritual Theory” – A Scriptural Case Study (Part 1)

[Listen to post here.] ~ ~ ~ In the prior two posts, the main features and functions of  “Christocentricity/Eccentricity Spiritual Theory” were introduced, explained, and illustrated.  Since all theories need to be tested, this “spiritual theory” needs to be tested … Continue reading

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“Affirmations” – A final word

I began this series speaking of the Church as a “spiritual organism” which is governed by the law of the “organic.”  As with all living organisms, the most essential element that determines its unique form, features, and functions is its … Continue reading

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Foundations of Restoration

Hey folks, David here. It’s been rather quiet around here for the past couple of months…I know.  As 2014 wrapped up and we headed into the new year, I felt a need to step back from blogging for a short … Continue reading

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Tradition, Scripture and the Church – Pt. 5: “Tradition and Restoration”

  [Note to readers: This post is a substantial conclusion, in length and content, to what I consider to be one of the most important series that I’ve posted to date on this blog.  I could have published this conclusion … Continue reading

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