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Centering the Clay (“Christ the Center” series revisited – Part 2)

In this series, we are considering the centrality of Christ by looking at a number of dictionary definitions for the word “center” and seeing how Christ Himself fulfills these in relation to God’s eternal purpose, the Church, and the individual … Continue reading

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Are You My Mother?

Last Saturday, my wife and I made our annual trek to the statewide homeschool used curriculum sale, about 45 minutes from home, and picked up about $600 worth of curriculum and other materials for …get this …just over 60 bucks!  … Continue reading

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“IN”: Intimacy

“Prepositional Realities: The Church in Relation to Christ” – Part 1a: “IN”: Intimacy  [The audio version of this series is available here if you prefer.”   We will begin this post with an illustrative story… Picture for a moment a … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Lenticular Puzzle – Pt. 3 – “The Puzzle – Fully Interlocking”

[This post is part three of the series, “Lessons from a Lenticular Puzzle”. To access the prior posts, please follow these links: Part 1 – “The Puzzle of Puzzles” , and Part 2 – “The Pieces – Living and Lenticular”.]  … Continue reading

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