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The Eternal Purpose of God and the Church (CCC Seminar – Session 1: Part 2)

Session 1 of the Christ-Centered Christianity seminar continues in this post with a look at the place of the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, in the eternal purpose. This portion is broken down into a playlist of sub-sections which focus on … Continue reading

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The Process of the Purpose (“Christ the Center” series revisited – Part 6)

In this concluding post of this series, I would like to offer a vision for the progressive unfolding of God’s purpose as it is outworked in and through His people.  I will be drawing on the content of the previous … Continue reading

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The Cross – The Eternal Passion of God (w/PDF and audio formats)

As we come to the final week leading up to Good Friday/Passover and Resurrection Sunday, I’d like to share a meditation on the cross that presents a picture of the crucifixion from a Divine, eternal perspective, rather than a human, temporal one, as we … Continue reading

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Excerpt from: “Experiencing Church” Now As It Was In The Beginning – by Rodrigo Abarca

The interest in the free resource I highlighted last week has been very high!  (The day it was posted became the second busiest day on the blog ever!)  Before we continue with part two of the “Traditions…” series, I’d like … Continue reading

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