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The “Love”-“Hate” Relationship – Part 6b: Loving God With All of Our Heart (beneficial/sacrificial action)

Our love for God begins with and is carried along by esteeming affection toward Him, but it is not complete until it is expressed through loving action.  As was shared in Part 1, love is not only a passive noun … Continue reading

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The “Love”-“Hate” Relationship – Part 6a: “Loving God With All of Our Heart” (esteeming affection)

So far in this series we’ve explored the basic nature of the “love”-“hate” relationship as well as how it comes to bear on a number of personal and interpersonal issues.  There is one more sphere that must be touched on: … Continue reading

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The Headship of Christ and the “Heartship of Christ” (part 1)

In my last post I shared how essential it is for the Body of Christ to be “holding fast to the Head” as it gathers in His name.  In this and the next post I’d like to share one of the … Continue reading

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